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Runtimes and frameworks

Red Hat Runtimes provides a variety of runtimes and frameworks for highly-distributed cloud architectures, like microservices.

Red Hat Runtimes includes a curated set of cloud-native runtimes:

  • Quarkus - A Kubernetes-native Java™ framework for microservice and serverless development.
  • Thorntail - Build bootable Java applications with only the Java EE libraries and bootstrap code you need.
  • Node.js - A trusted platform for building, hosting, and scaling server-side JavaScript applications.
  • Spring Boot - Create standalone, production-grade Spring-based applications.
  • OpenJDK - A free and open source implementation of the Java™ Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE).

In addition, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) provides an open source Java™ EE-based application runtime for building, deploying, and executing Java applications and services.

Distributed, in-memory caching

Develop flexibly, make it easier to protect your data, and ease disaster recovery using Red Hat Data Grid, an in-memory, distributed, NoSQL datastore solution. With in-memory caching your applications can access, process, and analyze data faster. Simplify linear scaling using data partitioning and distribution across cluster nodes.

In-memory caching provides improved data access and messaging enabling robust communication between existing applications.

Identity management and access control

Red Hat build of Keycloak provides SSO capabilities based on popular standards, like SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 so you can achieve enterprise security for your web applications.

The server can act as a SAML or OpenID Connect-based identity provider, mediating with your enterprise user directory or 3rd-party providers for identity information to secure your applications and services using standards-based tokens.


Based on the Apache ActiveMQ Artemis project, Red Hat AMQ broker is a Java multiprotocol message broker built on an asynchronous core, with a fast native journal for message persistence.

AMQ broker is message-oriented middleware that enables reliable data transfer between existing and new applications. It provides persistence, high availability, advanced queueing, and can be fully-integrated with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

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