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Red Hat Application Services

Features and benefits

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Red Hat Application Services is engineered together to enable higher productivity and faster time-to-market, allowing you to spend more time innovating.

Developers can develop and deploy new applications in minutes using launcher tooling with application scaffolding and pre-built templates. Launcher uses pre-built and pre-tested code samples for a variety of runtimes created using industry best practice. 

Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit helps your developers migrate existing workloads faster so that they can be productive sooner. And Red Hat’s lightweight Java™ EE implementation allows developers to use their existing skills to transition to microservices.

This increased efficiency lets you focus your efforts on writing business logic. Developers can extend application logic for sophisticated use-cases and integrators can create domain-specific integration logic using low-code tools for distributed integration, orchestration of services, and business process automation.

Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces provides the simplest way to get started with container development on Red Hat OpenShift. CodeReady Workspaces orchestrate the creation, collaboration and removal of containerized environments so developers can focus on coding.

Red Hat Application Services offers pre-integrated capabilities—including connectors, data caching, messaging, API management, rules management, and process automation—which provide a consistent development experience from the business application all the way to the operating system.

Sets of capabilities have been optimized to take advantage of each other. For example, integration capabilities support multiple runtimes. Likewise, runtimes capabilities have been optimized to take advantage of the single-sign-on capabilities of the container layer.

Pre-integrated capabilities can help save money by eliminating the duplication of functionality which reduces the troubleshooting surface area.


Organizations often lack the time and resources to evaluate emerging technologies. Red Hat Application Services' capabilities are based on upstream open source projects which are tested by thousands of community users worldwide and hardened by Red Hat engineers. We are committed to providing stable technologies that can be employed in data-sensitive environments and that are built on a foundation of security that continues throughout all layers of the software stack. That’s why many of our products are certified to US Government standards.

Red Hat engineers actively lead and contribute to upstream communities building and refining the technologies that make up today’s IT environments. This is because Red Hat's development model begins in open source communities and results in stable, enterprise-ready solutions. 

We’re confident that Red Hat Application Services is the right choice for container deployments because Red Hat Application Services products and solutions have been containerized since 2015 and continue to be optimized for containers.

Red Hat Application Services also provides a reliable platform for Java developers to deliver and deploy cloud-native applications. We understand what developers need because we’ve supported Java development for more than a decade. 

Red Hat Application Services is a coherent, integrated set of products and services for a consistent application development and delivery environment that spans every hybrid and multicloud infrastructure. 

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Flexibility is about choice and Red Hat Application Services provides choices without compromising consistency for the enterprise.

Red Hat Application Services lets you flexibly connect processes or data from on-premises to SaaS with a rich set of standard connectors and bi-directionally across hybrid-cloud environments. It provides access to established and emerging languages, frameworks, architectures, and open source practices for existing workloads and new development. Ensure developers and architects have the right tool for the right task while minimizing vendor lock-in with portability and support of various environments and clouds.

Red Hat Application Services is optimized for microservices architectures and cloud-native application development but can also accommodate existing applications. With Red Hat Application Services you have the flexibility to modernize at your own pace.

Learn how developers can use the "lift-and-shift" modernization model as a first step to cloud-native development.

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Hybrid and multicloud

Develop and deliver cloud-portable applications independent from the underlying cloud provider’s specific infrastructure processes and procedures with Red Hat Application Services. Develop on-site and on-cloud using the same consistent set of capabilities. Deliver applications in an environment that abstracts-out the underlying cloud provider, making applications cloud agnostic.

Support cloud-native development and microservices with solutions optimized for containers. Seamlessly migrate applications from cloud provider to cloud provider and minimize vendor lock-in with support for various environments and clouds. Experience seamless collaboration across clouds in a consistent manner using the same tools you use on-premises.

Red Hat Application Services helps you:

Manage and process messaging and streaming in a single and consistent manner across clouds.

Consistently integrate to a specific cloud provider’s services across clouds.

Automate business processes that cross clouds.

Make data accessible in a single and consistent manner across clouds.

Build applications with failover capabilities across cloud providers in a single and consistent manner.

Experience flexible scaling during high traffic periods and burst your applications to the cloud using the same consistent set of tools that you use on-premises.

Choice in clouds is a part of Red Hat Application Services' flexibility. Easily migrate your applications from on-premises to cloud and vice versa. Wherever your infrastructure lives Red Hat Application Services provides a coherent, powerful, well-integrated set of products and services that allow the creation of a consistent application development and delivery environment that can span the entire hybrid or multicloud infrastructure.

Choice in clouds also promotes productivity. Red Hat Application Services delivers a single development experience across clouds so developers don’t have to re-learn different ways of doing the same tasks depending on cloud provider.

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