5 innovations for 5G and edge with Red Hat’s certified partner system

Communications service providers (CSPs) need to innovate fast in 5G and edge markets. This need has made expanded, open, certified partner ecosystems crucial because CSPs need services and solutions that can be delivered at large scale across multiple public clouds. Consider these five ways Red Hat® products, solutions, and open ecosystem can help your organizations modernize networks and operations to deliver service innovation and new revenue.

1 Hybrid cloud flexibility and developer support

CSPs are adopting hybrid and multicloud strategies using datacenter and public cloud infrastructure. 

Red Hat is the only consumption-priced, fully managed service available on every major public cloud. The security-focused hybrid and multicloud solutions from Red Hat help:

  • Improve usability with common management and automation tools across all infrastructures.
  • Automate infrastructure deployment and management and improve time to value.
  • Operations and development teams work more efficiently and more productively with familiar technology.
  • Grow revenue with more rapid and consistent service introduction across multiple clouds.
  • Maximize flexibility and control risk when using a mix of on-premise, public, and managed cloud services.

2 Become more agile with a cloud-native architecture

As demand shifts toward new services and consumption models, expansion and modernization have become critical.

A horizontal cloud-native platform that spans your entire network can scale on demand to meet changing business needs, while lowering costs and improving operational efficiencies by:

  • Accelerating rollout and time-to-revenue for new 5G and edge services at scale.
  • Streamlining the adoption of distributed, scalable cloud environments.
  • Automating infrastructure deployment and management.
  • Actively reducing the risks associated with open, cloud-native network deployment.

3  Accelerate service delivery 

Operators are evolving their radio access networks (RANs) and building virtual RANs (vRANs) to create new opportunities across a range of services and markets. With a cloud-native, open RAN infrastructure, service providers can innovate and deliver low-latency, high-throughput services faster than with traditional networks.

Red Hat works with partners to develop blueprints and reference architectures that help service providers to deploy preintegrated 5G functions to:

  • Onboard and host network functions on Red Hat cloud platforms in less time.
  • Build open source solutions using cloud-native RAN products and container-based platforms.
  • Generate new revenue by deploying across a variety of use cases including 5G core, vRAN, edge computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning (ML).
  • Reduce deployment costs and complexity while increasing operational efficiency.

4  Automate operations across teams 

Creating new revenue streams requires service providers to deliver new digital experiences and services that emphasize speed, efficiency, and simplicity, but also support an array of business and pricing models.

Red Hat partners with experts in telecommunications customer experiences and automation to help service providers:

  • Move to container-based and microservices architectures. 
  • Adopt DevSecOps methodologies and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. 
  • Accelerate tasks while supporting security and compliance.
  • Execute operations support system and business support system (OSS/BSS) consolidation and migration across hybrid clouds.
  • Gain a greater ability to introduce new services and adapt revenue models in less time.

5  Deploy sustainable integrated solutions at scale

Collaboration with strategic partners is essential to overcoming the challenges large-scale cloud environments present. Interoperability, connectivity, and integration are necessary, but incompatibilities must be resolved across components from many vendors and open source communities.

Red Hat partners with leading systems integrators who provide the skills and resources to help service providers smooth new technology and service introduction with:

  • A comprehensive set of products, services, and commercialization capabilities.
  • Integrated and co-engineered solutions deployed within your environment.
  • Custom infrastructure planning and building.
  • A robust foundation for hybrid and multicloud deployments.

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