The value of Red Hat subscriptions

A Red Hat® subscription gives you access to what you need to put new technologies to work in today’s complex environments. With a subscription, you benefit from Red Hat’s ongoing work to harden our products while receiving support and flexibility throughout the life of your subscription.

Advantages of a Red Hat subscription

Support and expertise 

With a Red Hat subscription, you have access to online and phone support, so you can work with an expert or resolve issues on your own time. With phone support, you can speak with a product specialist from the start, rather than go through a tiered support model. You can also easily access our product documentation, life-cycle and support information, troubleshooting tools, Red Hat Knowledgebase articles, account and subscription management, and security updates online through our Customer Portal.

Security resources

We develop, curate, test, and harden community open source software to deliver enterprise-ready, certified solutions that are developed with a documented supply chain. And because security doesn’t stop after deployment, a Red Hat subscription funds the Red Hat Product Security team. This dedicated team of engineers analyzes threats and vulnerabilities daily against all of our products, offers proactive advice, and develops security patches.

Partner ecosystem

Red Hat has an ecosystem of thousands of products and services that are tested, supported, and certified to perform with Red Hat technologies. You can deploy with confidence because Red Hat technology will interoperate with the technology in your environment. 

With a subscription, you get added flexibility from Red Hat Cloud Access. The Cloud Access program allows you to run eligible Red Hat product subscriptions on certified public cloud providers. It makes your subscriptions portable, so you can choose the best architecture and infrastructure for your needs—in a datacenter or public cloud.

Life-cycle support and flexibility

Red Hat subscriptions are not tied to a specific version and cover the entire life cycle of the product. Red Hat product life cycles are generally 3, 5, 7, or 10 years. This means you have the flexibility to adopt the version that best fits your requirements and upgrade on your schedule. 

Influence over product roadmaps 

With a subscription, our customers can view our product roadmaps and provide feedback to shape our product direction. Our support team also works directly with the engineers who build our products so that we can influence how the products are tested and released. 

Proactive analytics 

Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions, both on-premise and cloud, include Red Hat Insights, a proactive IT risk analytics tool that lets customers proactively identify, prioritize, and resolve availability and performance risks in their environments before business operations are affected. 

Get the most out of your subscription 

A Red Hat subscription gives you access to people and resources you need to make the most out of your Red Hat solutions. Explore your Red Hat subscription resources at