Red Hat OpenShift skill paths

Validate your Red Hat OpenShift skills

Red Hat®  Training and Certification offers training on Red Hat OpenShift® for individuals of all experience levels. These paths cover topics including deploying containers, developing containerized applications, managing container storage, and using automated DevOps pipelines. 

Red Hat OpenShift cloud services 

While it is not required, we recommend completing the OpenShift Administration DO180, DO280 courses to gain administration skills that apply to the OpenShift self-managed cloud services courses. This path offers the flexibility to select your learning path, as we offer courses for both Red Hat OpenShift on AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Red Hat OpenShift Administrator Specializations

Once you have received your Red Hat Certified OpenShift Administrator certification (EX280), we recommend selecting specialized courses and exams from the list below. You have the flexibility to select the most relevant courses and certifications based on your learning journey and are able to complete them in non-sequential order.   

Key benefits of Red Hat training1 

  • 25% to 50% more efficient in completing day-to-day IT tasks

  • 20% reduction in tickets generated, as well as a 32% reduction in time to remediate tickets

  • Increased rate of effectiveness for new hires from 50% to 77%

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB We have a much tighter structure because we rely on Red Hat-trained staff. Our environment is better planned, implemented, and managed because of the level of expertise that comes from being professionally trained. We are more secure, more predictable, and get more bang for our buck because we invest in training.”[1]

-ESG customer quote

Red Hat OpenShift Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) skills path

Experience with Git and Python development is required or the completion of Python Programming with Red Hat (AD141) before moving onto the OpenShift AI Skills path. Completing Red Hat OpenShift Developer II: Building and Deploying Cloud-native Applications (DO288) and basic experience in AI is recommended, but not required. This path focuses on developing and deploying AI/ML applications. 

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