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Simplify Kubernetes with Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

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Modern business relies on applications

Applications are at the core of digital business operations. In fact, 62% of organizations say that applications are essential for their business, and a further 36% say applications provide a competitive advantage.1 Kubernetes-based container environments can help you build, deploy, and operate applications faster and with higher security.

Kubernetes is a popular container orchestration technology, deployed in production by 45% of enterprise companies.2 Even so, Kubernetes deployment can be complicated. And even with a container platform, IT complexity can make it difficult to effectively build, launch, and manage container-based applications across hybrid environments.

Red Hat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer a fully managed, enterprise-grade container platform to help you adopt Kubernetes faster and focus on creating innovative applications, rather than managing the underlying infrastructure.

Adopt Kubernetes faster with Red Hat and AWS

Red Hat® OpenShift® Service on AWS is a fully managed container platform service deployed and operated on AWS. It allows you to quickly and easily build, deploy, and manage containerized applications on a comprehensive Kubernetes platform. Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS can be accessed on-demand from the AWS console and provides hourly billing on a single invoice for AWS deployments, integration with other AWS cloud-native services, and joint support from Red Hat and AWS. 

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS brings together three key components:

Container platform. Built on open source innovation and industry standards, Red Hat OpenShift is a comprehensive platform for building and running container-based applications with enterprise-grade Kubernetes.

Cloud infrastructure. AWS is a high-performance, scalable, and comprehensive cloud platform that provides the availability, elasticity, and agility needed to run modern and existing applications.

Support and operations. Red Hat site reliability engineers (SRE) install, manage, maintain, and upgrade your Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS deployment. Production-grade support is provided by both Red Hat and Amazon with a 99.95% uptime service-level agreement (SLA).

This solution offers value across your organization. Developers can launch Red Hat OpenShift directly through the AWS console and use familiar application programming interfaces (APIs) and existing tools to rapidly build and deploy applications. IT operations can use self-service capabilities to create and deploy Red Hat OpenShift clusters in minutes. Finally, business leaders can boost developer productivity and reduce operational complexity to speed time to market for new products. 

Take advantage of the combined power of Red Hat OpenShift and AWS

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS is designed, operated, and maintained according to proven best practices and extensive experience from both Red Hat and AWS. It combines key functionality from both Red Hat OpenShift and AWS into a single offering. Speed development and improve efficiency with integrated tooling from build through deployment. Directly access a robust portfolio of AWS cloud services, including compute, storage, networking, database, analytics, and machine learning. Rapidly deploy applications with build and automation tools like container image repositories, monitoring solutions, and prescriptive security.

Access Red Hat OpenShift on demand

This managed service gives you a complete Red Hat OpenShift environment running natively on AWS. Launch Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS on demand through the AWS console. Create and manage Red Hat OpenShift clusters through a self-service experience. Simplify procurement and billing with a single invoice from AWS that includes both Red Hat OpenShift and AWS use.

Define a clear path to hybrid cloud deployment

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS delivers the same production-ready Kubernetes environment that many enterprises already use on-site, allowing you to shift workloads to the cloud more easily. Start your migration to the cloud with confidence, knowing that you are supported by both Red Hat and AWS. Freely move containerized applications from on-site infrastructure to AWS with a consistent foundation and simpler deployment experience that spans hybrid infrastructure.

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Applications are an essential part of digital business operations. Kubernetes-based container environments speed application development, deployment, and management. Red Hat and AWS can help you navigate IT complexity to adopt Kubernetes more quickly and easily.

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