Accelerate application development

Modernize your application development

Applications have become a crucial piece of the present and future of digital business operations, emerging as a key component of developing a competitive advantage.

Across all industries, businesses are now prioritizing their abilities to build, test, deploy, and operate applications at an accelerated pace and with a heightened focus on security, often across a range of infrastructures within a hybrid cloud environment.

Many businesses have begun using Kubernetes in recent years for this, yet the IT complexity of managing container-based applications across hybrid cloud environments poses a significant challenge.

Using Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS, your business can build, deploy, and manage applications in a short amount of time across your entire hybrid cloud environment.

Accelerate development and reduce complexity with Red Hat and AWS

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS is a turnkey application platform delivered on a Kubernetes foundation for cloud-native application development, deployment, and management. This provides a fully managed Red Hat OpenShift service running natively on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure.

This managed service allows you to increase operational efficiency, enhance innovation, and build, deploy, scale, and manage applications with increased speed and focus on security—all on a single platform with the tools and services your developers need.

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS delivers this through 3 key components: 

  • Turnkey application platform. This proven turnkey application platform includes fully integrated development and operational tooling and features and consistent interfaces and application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • Cloud-native, joint solution with AWS. Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS is accessible on demand through the AWS console as a native service with integrations into a wide range of AWS services, such as compute, database, analytics, machine learning, networking, mobile, and more.
  • Global site reliability engineer (SRE) expertise. Red Hat’s global team of SREs have more than 2.5 million hours of SRE experience managing Red Hat OpenShift and supported applications and handling a high velocity, volume, and diversity of clusters, pods, and workloads. 

Access on demand

Red Hat® OpenShift® Service on AWS is available to access and use on demand directly through the AWS console as a native service.

This allows you to: 

  • Use your AWS committed spend on solution and consumption costs.
  • Run a complete Red Hat OpenShift environment natively in AWS.
  • Create and manage Red Hat OpenShift clusters through a self-service experience.
  • Use the same tools your developers are already familiar with.
  • Simplify procurement and billing with a single invoice.

Discover the combined power of Red Hat OpenShift and AWS

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS is designed, operated, and maintained according to proven best practices and extensive experience from both Red Hat and AWS and combines key functionality from both Red Hat OpenShift and AWS into a single offering.

As a joint, cloud-native solution with a leading cloud provider, Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS provides: 

  • Streamlined developer workflows. With consistent interfaces and APIs, plus fully integrated tools, development, and operational productivity features, you can expand the available toolsets with native applications and integrations with AWS services and streamline workflows for developers using familiar tools.
  • Accelerated innovation with AWS services. With minimal effort, tap into and integrate with a robust portfolio of AWS services, such as compute, storage, networking, database, analytics, and machine learning. Take advantage of build and automation services from Red Hat—for example, container image repositories, monitoring solutions, and prescriptive security.
  • Reinforced by integrated support. Red Hat and AWS jointly operate and support Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS with an integrated support experience and a 99.95% uptime service-level agreement (SLA).

Start your migration to the cloud with confidence using Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS, knowing that you are supported by both Red Hat and AWS, and experience a simplified process of building, deploying, and managing apps across your entire hybrid infrastructure from a single platform.

Additionally, because you do not need to build and maintain your application platform, you can start quickly, accelerate time to value and time to market, and reduce friction between teams during development, deployment, and operations.

Learn more about Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

Get started on the journey to simplified application development, deployment, and management across hybrid cloud infrastructure with Red Hat’s self-paced learning path or learn more about other solutions from Red Hat and AWS.

Lean on the expertise of a global team of SREs

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS’ team of SREs provides services that enhance your operational consistency, efficiency, resiliency, and focus on security, including:

  • Management of Red Hat OpenShift hosted environments, including life cycles, scaling, security patching, and incident response.
  • Automation of complex tasks, such as provisioning, scaling, configuration, and update scheduling.
  • Self-service tools and self-healing systems that make deploying applications less complex and reduce the chance of error.
  • Proactive monitoring and support with a 99.95% SLA.