Red Hat Certification

Individual exams


Our exams. On your time.

Red Hat’s certification program is consistent, reliable, and trusted. Exams are hands-on, making them better indicators of your proficiency. Each exam tests your ability to perform actual IT tasks just as you will on the job.

With the ability to test remotely or take advantage of expanded testing locations around the world, Red Hat Individual Exams can help you prove your skills and prepare for a global marketplace. You can take Red Hat certification exams as an individual exam from wherever you are or on a secure, personal testing station at a Red Hat or Red Hat partner location.

In addition to our remote exam option, you can schedule an individual exam at a time and location that is best for you. Prepare at your own pace and take your exam in the most convenient setting for you.

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How will I take my exam?

You can take the individual exams remotely or on an individual testing station developed by Red Hat. Remote exams can be taken virtually from your home or wherever you are, completing an end-to-end path to certification through online testing. If you choose an individual testing station, you will use a preconfigured laptop with the complete functionality required for the exam, remotely monitored by a Red Hat test proctor.

Red Hat individual exams can offer you extra time to study, giving you a flexible, convenient way to accommodate busy schedules.

After you complete your exam, you should receive your results within five business days. If you have any questions about your results, you can contact the Red Hat Certification team. If you are unsuccessful on your first attempt, you will be eligible for a free retake of the exam. The retake will appear in your scheduling application after your first exam results have been reported. To schedule the free retake, use the same process as scheduling an exam for the first time. If you pass your exam, you will receive a badge through Credly that can be shared on all social media channels.


Prove your knowledge with performance-based testing

Whether you’re looking to validate your skills in middleware, Linux platforms, cloud computing, or other topics, we have an exam that will fit your needs. Check out our full list of offerings, then find an individual exam location near you or choose the remote exam option where applicable.


Registering for and taking an individual exam is easy

  1. Choose from our list of available exams then purchase online or from one of our training resellers or partners. Be sure to select the correct exam and product release version when you make your purchase, because we often offer exams on more than one release of our products. You do not need to choose the location or date for your exam at the time of purchase. Once your purchase is confirmed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule the time and location for your exam.
  2. Follow the steps in your purchase confirmation to log in to the scheduler application and choose the time, date, and location that is right for you. You will receive an email confirming your scheduled exam, as well as instructions on what to do on your testing day.
  3. Show up for your exam on the chosen date and time, and take your exam.

If you have a standard or basic version of Red Hat Learning Subscription, you can request exams through your account.