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Red Hat Consulting

Product enablement

Get the most out of your Red Hat products

Red Hat Consulting can help you install Red Hat technologies and tune them to best meet your needs. We'll tailor your Red Hat deployments for your environment, ensuring you get optimal performance and efficiency from your technology investments. We give you documentation of the installation and configuration process and provide management best practices, so your team can maximize product performance now and in the future.

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Product accelerators

Configure and optimize the deployment of Red Hat technologies

Your Red Hat technologies need to be installed and configured correctly to ensure optimal product performance. But time, cost, or lack of expertise may prevent you from getting the most out of your Red Hat solutions.

Quickly install and configure Red Hat deployments

Product Accelerators are pre-packaged service solutions that quickly install and configure your Red Hat deployments for optimal usage. Each engagement has a fixed price, duration, and scope, so you know exactly what you're getting. Our consultants — experts in open source technology — help you tailor and scale Red Hat infrastructure and middleware solutions to your specific IT environment.

Get better results

Accelerating deployment time improves your time-to-value, so you can achieve better results. Products perform at their highest levels. And you have less downtime and deployment risk. With your deployments tuned to meet your needs, you can focus on strategic projects that drive your business forward.

Product Accelerator services

Product architecture services

Advanced configuration and integration of Red Hat technologies

Integrating Red Hat® technologies into your existing environment can require more expertise or resources than you have in your IT department. With Red Hat Product Architecture Services, our experts design and install a custom solution to meet your enterprise's specific business needs.

Accelerate your time to value

Our consultants assess your requirements, design and install an advanced configuration, and validate the solution setup. Plus, we give you tools and training to be successful long after our consultants leave. This service offers:

  • Design: Advanced configuration design based on product implementation requirements, proven use cases, and Red Hat expertise
  • Installation: Targeted configuration and integration as well as validation of the solution setup
  • Training: Guidance on best practices for ongoing management of your solution, documentation of your installation and configuration, and observations about additional performance opportunities

Product Architecture services

Red Hat Consulting can help you get from where you are to where you want to be

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