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Consulting Units

Terms and conditions

Consulting Units ("CUs") are pre-paid credits that you can redeem for Red Hat Consulting Services. See services at: Consulting. Red Hat Consulting Units are credits that you can purchase in various quantities with a minimum requirement of 100 units per purchase. For more information or purchasing, contact a Red Hat Sales Representative or call +1 888-RED-HAT1 or email sales@redhat.com. Consulting Units are not available for our customers in Japan.

Consulting Unit redemption policy

To redeem CUs, contact your Red Hat Sales or Consulting Representative to schedule a scoping call for your engagement. The scoping call provides a way for Red Hat to gather information about your technical and business requirements from which a scope of services can be created. A redemption order form will be generated detailing the scope of services, number of CUs redeemed and the standard terms and conditions, as provided in the Enterprise Agreement. Clients will have the opportunity to review the scope of services and accept through the execution of the redemption order form. Scheduling of Red Hat Consulting will take place upon execution of the redemption order form and is subject to availability.

The following Terms and Conditions apply to Consulting Units:

  1. Clients will participate in a scoping call with Red Hat's consulting representative to determine the Client's requirements, level of effort, type of resources required, and other engagement specific details.
  2. Red Hat will provide a Redemption Order Form describing the tasks for the scope of services, consulting resource category, and quantity of CUs required to be redeemed for the engagement. The consulting resource category may vary based on Client's requirements, which may impact the number of CUs required for a scope of services.
  3. Client will review and agree to the scope of services, quantity of CUs to redeem, and standard terms and conditions required for on-site consulting by executing the Redemption Order Form and returning a Client- signed Order Form to Red Hat.
  4. Scheduling will take place upon execution of the Redemption Order Form and is subject to availability.
  5. CUs can only be redeemed for Red Hat Consulting Services with a minimum scope of 40 hours in duration.
  6. CUs can only be redeemed for consulting services sponsored by Red Hat. Red Hat has the sole discretion where and when the CUs can be redeemed.
  7. CUs may not be redeemed or applied towards Red Hat Training or any other Red Hat products or services.
  8. CUs must be purchased in minimum quantities of one hundred (100) units.
  9. Once purchased, CUs are non-refundable and may not be redeemed for cash or credit. CUs have no cash value.
  10. CUs cannot be pro-rated or combined with any other discount, special offer, or coupon.
  11. Any unused CUs are carried forward for future use, and may be combined with additional CU purchases for future Consulting Services within the term of the CU.
  12. CUs must be redeemed within one (1) year from the date of purchase. Customer is solely responsible for redeeming CUs prior to expiration of the CUs. CUs not redeemed within one year will be forfeited. CUs can only be redeemed in the same geographic and currency region as purchased.