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Technology solutions

Open the door for innovation

Red Hat® Consulting works with your existing technologies and multiple resource providers to mix different components based on what's right for your organization. By eliminating proprietary vendor lock-in, you'll be able to define your own rules and processes, and create new capabilities and innovative solutions.

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Cloud and virtualization

Increase efficiency and performance with cloud computing

To reap the full benefits of cloud computing, your platform must be built strategically with your business goals in mind. Our Red Hat cloud and virtualization engagement ensures your cloud platform is designed to support your long-term cloud computing goals.

Enable IT services

Using industry-accepted practices and experience, our consultants provide recommendations and technical expertise to set up Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in your cloud environment. Plus, we mentor your in-house staff to ensure your new environments and applications can be maintained and enhanced long after the engagement ends.

Engagement details

Using industry best practices, our expert consultants provide:

  • Strategic deployment recommendations
  • An implementation roadmap
  • Evaluation of cloud providers
  • Implementation of a custom IaaS
  • Implementation of a custom PaaS
  • Implementation of cloud-based applications
  • Cloud security and monitoring
  • Implementation of cloud governance

Accelerate your move to OpenStack

When it comes to standing up a verified, enterprise-level cloud infrastructure with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, no one accelerates adoption like Red Hat Consulting. Using validated methods for installing and configuring Red Hat OpenStack technology, you'll be able to quickly launch, manage, and scale IaaS for your IT environment. Our consultants — experts in open source technology — will work with you to:

  • Define the right IaaS path for your enterprise
  • Architect and deploy the solution for your environment
  • Migrate workloads to OpenStack
  • Provide guidance on best practices for ongoing management of your solution
  • Deliver documentation of your installation and configuration, and observations about additional opportunities for ongoing optimization

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Business automation

Use a business rules management system to manage complexity

As data grows and business accelerates, meeting the speed and accuracy demands of your customer base is increasingly challenging. Efficient business processes help you consume and manage the data you need to make smart, timely decisions.

Red Hat® JBoss® BRMS is a business rules management system (BRMS) that gives you full access to easily manage and develop business rules, workflows, and policies.

Get the most out of Red Hat JBoss BRMS

Red Hat Consulting provides a bridge for your business and technology teams to fully realize the power of a BRMS system. Our mentor-based consulting allows your organization to adopt new business rules technologies and migrate your systems while becoming self-sufficient. Learn how to create and maintain rules and workflows, test and deploy rules, and integrate rules to existing systems and services.

Engagement details

During the engagement, Red Hat Consulting will implement a comprehensive business process management framework that includes some or all of the following tasks:

  • Develop the architecture of your JBoss BRMS platform
  • Set up your new JBoss BRMS system
  • Identify business owners within your organization
  • Set up JBoss BRMS groups and permissions
  • Select BRMS rules types (BRL,DRL, decision tables)
  • Train your team onBRMS rules creation and fact model creation
  • Integrate your applications into the JBoss BRMS system
  • Extract existing business logic from legacy applications that are not rules-engine-based to JBoss BRMS
  • Migrate rule sets from existing third-party platforms to JBoss BRMS
  • Optimize the existing software development life cycle for JBoss BRMS integration

Systems management

Establish an efficient, scalable IT environment

Migrating to open source is only the first step in becoming more productive and lowering your total cost of ownership. As systems expand, you need to effectively manage your IT environment to get the quickest return on investment. Red Hat Consulting makes it easy to manage expanding systems.

Improve efficiency with single-system management

Our consultants assess your current systems and create and implement a strategic plan to increase efficiency across your entire IT environment. We will design and structure common builds, and install and configure management platforms. We work with you to streamline processes and improve automation, standardization, and repeatability, so you can do more with less, managing thousands of systems from a single place, including:

  • Operating systems
  • Cloud and virtualization
  • Infrastructure tooling
  • Applications
  • Monitoring
  • Backup

Engagement details

Using industry best practices, our expert consultants give you:

  • An assessment or technical proof-of-concept (POC) options
  • Roadmap outlining your systems management strategy
  • Implementation of a standard operating environment (SOE) based on best practices
  • Installation and configuration of a management platform
  • Tailored training and support options

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Enterprise data and storage

Take control of your organization's data and storage

The data you need for your business is growing rapidly. And with growing data comes growing challenges. Whether your hurdles originate from acquisitions, integration with partner systems, or an explosion in data sources, you need a solid strategy to control costs, create scalable storage architectures, and get the most value from your data assets.

Red Hat Consulting works with you to define strategies for all aspects of enterprise data and storage, including security, performance, and access.

Manage growth with a strategic data management plan

Our consultants take a holistic approach to understanding your data landscape and the challenges you face. After studying your challenges and requirements, we select the right products and establish appropriate processes to help you manage data today and in the future.

Engagement details

With this engagement, our expert consultants:

  • Analyze requirements for data storage, data access, and integration
  • Define data security requirements
  • Design scale-out storage architecture
  • Implement data storage system
  • Help with data migration
  • Establish data management processes
  • Analyze data sources, schemas, and mappings
  • Design and implement database virtualization solutions
  • Design and implement big data solutions
  • Integrate enterprise data and storage technologies into existing systems
  • Mentor your team on data management, integration, and performance practices

Migrations and modernization

Maximize efficiency by migrating to open source

Open source technology makes your IT ecosystem more scalable and flexible. You can meet customers' needs faster and with greater precision when you aren't limited by costly proprietary technology. Migrating your systems and applications requires a high level of expertise to ensure your migration is secure and efficient. Red Hat Consulting is the trusted partner you need to successfully navigate the migration process.

Proven migration services

Red Hat Consulting offers multiple services for migrating to an open source infrastructure such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, or middleware such as Red Hat JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform, and for modernizing your older applications. Migration services include:

  • Platform migrations: Collaborate with our experts to migrate to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Application migrations and modernization: Quickly and smoothly transition and integrate applications from proprietary platforms, such as WebSphere and WebLogic, to Red Hat JBoss Middleware platform. Update older systems and applications to better meet your organization's needs

Engagement details

A Red Hat architect works with you to:

  • Map out a streamlined migration strategy based on your business requirements
  • Guide you through the migration process
  • Provide the tools, insights, and proven processes needed for migration

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Custom software development

Custom solutions to help you succeed

To get the greatest benefit from your open source software, you need a trusted partner to provide technical expertise for planning, design, and delivery. Why not let the experts in open source help you quickly implement open source middleware as an enterprise application development model?

Red Hat consultants act as an extension of your team to deliver support in every aspect of the application development lifecycle. We offer a comprehensive set of open source technical capabilities related to custom application development, business process management, data integration, and presentation layer services to help create the right solutions for your business.

Engagement details

Choose an engagement option that best meets your software development needs:

  • Full lifecycle implementation solutions: Outsourced solutions built and delivered to you. You determine whether you want services for all facets of the development lifecycle, or only in particular phases of the process.
  • Assessments and recommendations: Initial assessments and recommendations to create a strategic plan for your implementation effort. We also give you architectural guidance and strategy direction for open source products so you can continue to improve your IT environment.
  • Technology modernization: Extend the life of your legacy applications and software by identifying and implementing more sustainable solutions that improve performance.
  • JBoss Enterprise Middleware mentoring: Get extensive mentoring by JBoss® engineers who are knowledgeable about JBoss Enterprise Middleware products. You'll gain the knowledge you need to maximize your JBoss investment.

SOA and integration

Build a bridge between disparate platforms

In today's fast-moving world, you need systems that can scale and communicate with each other. Technologies that don't work together seamlessly hinder performance and efficiency, add overhead, and leave you with unnecessary and unwanted technology.

Orchestrate your systems

Red Hat Consulting works with you to integrate systems in a way that's manageable and scalable. We introduce new technology or help you make sense of the technology you have, establishing a decentralized platform that can send messages across multiple systems. Enabling this kind of lightweight integration improves performance and reduces cost.

Engagement details

Choose from the type of engagement that best suits your company's needs:

  • Assessments: We review your existing messaging systems and give an architectural overview of how integration can improve your systems
  • Technical architecture: We design your lightweight messaging architecture and create a reference architecture for deploying messaging and integration
  • Installations: We set up and connect integration points
  • Full build: We design and construct your complete system, write rules around transformation of data, and set up security

Agile development

Agile and iterative development speeds time to market

Today's technology moves fast, and market demands move even faster. Companies must be able to quickly and frequently release rules-based applications that align with current business needs. Using agile lifecycle management frameworks, Red Hat® Consulting helps you get your products to market faster, while reducing risk and improving quality.

Take advantage of a new development technique

Red Hat Consulting offers several frameworks to help you create predictable, productive processes for quicker, more efficient application development. These approaches include:

  • Test-driven development (TDD): An iterative software development process that encourages simple designs and short development cycles to improve code quality and increase productivity
  • Behavior-driven development (BDD): A customer-driven software development method that brings together subject matter experts, testers, and developers to speed development
  • Domain-driven design (DDD): A way to simplify complex software development by focusing on solving a specific problem

Reap the benefits of agile development

Deploying applications using an agile development framework allows you to:

  • Increase the return on investment from your technologies
  • Reduce the cost of implementation and maintenance
  • Do more with fewer people
  • Avoid feature decay
  • Eliminate the delay associated with ineffective development practices

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