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Cloud-native development solutions

Build smarter.
Ship faster.

Cloud-native development is essential to getting applications to market quickly. The right tools and techniques can help your developers create new apps and optimize existing ones faster to satisfy your customers’ demands.

With Red Hat, you can arrange your people, processes, and technologies to build, deploy, and manage apps that are ready for the cloud.

Why cloud-native?

To take full advantage of the cloud, you need to approach applications in new ways. That means packaging with containers, embracing modern architectures, and using agile techniques. The cloud-native way is the best way to develop faster, deliver faster, and adapt to changing needs faster. And it’s the way Red Hat has always worked.

Cloud native graphic

[Cloud-native development is] DevOps. It’s containers. It’s microservices. It’s hybrid cloud. It’s really about changing your mindset to embrace what’s important with regard to building application services quicker.”

Ashesh Badani
Senior Vice President Of Cloud Platforms, Red Hat

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Develop. Deploy. Deliver continuously.

See how Red Hat helps you get to market fast by combining containers, microservices, API-driven integration, and DevOps automation.


  • Innovating in a hybrid business world
  • Cloud-native development with Red Hat Middleware

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Brian Gracely
Brian Gracely
Director, Product Strategy, Red Hat
Mike Piech
Mike Piech
Vice President & General Manager, Middleware, Red Hat
Deliver apps anywhere with Red Hat OpenShift 4

Deliver apps anywhere with Red Hat OpenShift 4

The latest version of our industry-leading container platform is here. This webinar is your first step toward a more automated, streamlined approach that gets your apps to market faster.

DevOps and
containers with OpenShift

DevOps and containers with OpenShift

Cloud-native development is impossible if you’re not smartly deploying containers and employing DevOps. In this e-book, you’ll learn how OpenShift can help you do both.

What’s your cloud-native challenge?

I need to deliver apps faster without abandoning what I’ve already built

User demand for new functions grows faster than your development processes can meet. You need a platform, methods, application services, and tools that can keep up without forcing you to leave behind the existing apps that your customers depend on.

Through automation, self-service, and containerization, Red Hat development platforms let you deliver apps on any architecture faster. With our open tools, you can migrate your infrastructure and become cloud-native at your own pace, without rebuilding from the ground up.

I need to build new apps that make the most of the cloud

Bringing cloud flexibility to your apps’ functionality would help you create better experiences for your customers. A cloud-native development platform can empower you to respond to market trends and quickly turn ideas into products and services.

Red Hat’s middleware application services, development tools, and container platform will let you can build with microservices and make better use of APIs. Adopting DevOps processes will help you build a cloud-native culture that adapts quickly to customer needs and delivers continuously.

UPS makes apps happen faster with containers

UPS delivers more than 20 million packages a day. The company needed a better system for managing the data connected to all those parcels. Red Hat helped the shipping giant build a flexible, container-based solution to move workloads to the cloud. The result? A reduction in UPS’ app development cycle, from more than a year to a matter of weeks.

Take these 8 steps to speed up your cloud-native journey