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Mid-sized organizations

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Discover recent key infrastructure trends and decisions facing mid-sized organizations.

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Red Hat remains committed to supporting your mid-sized organization as you navigate a changing global landscape. Open source was built for this.

What’s your challenge?

Every organization is unique, but seeing the IT challenges of companies of a similar size can help prioritize your own modernization efforts. Compare your goals against these common categories, and get resources on how to optimize your existing processes and infrastructure.

I need to reduce complexity in my IT infrastructure

As your business grows, so does your IT infrastructure. For instance, you may be hosting your critical applications on-premises today, but looking to a cloud provider to support your newer IT initiatives. If you want to support innovation while extending the value of your existing systems, it’s critical to set a plan for infrastructure standardization. One of the most important first steps in that process is defining a standard operating environment (SOE) for all of IT.

My team has too many manual tasks

Whether you’re an organization of 500 or 5,000 employees, many of your IT professionals likely spend time every day repeating manual tasks. Too many manual tasks slow development time and can stand in the way of IT best practices like DevOps and continuous integration. Even if you already have some degree of automation built in to your operations, those scripts and tools will need a way to scale across your organization as it grows.

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I need better security throughout my IT environments

Even large security teams struggle to identify and remediate legitimate threats from their daily list of security alerts. Automating certain tasks can free security personnel to focus on their most pressing initiatives, but automation tools alone aren’t enough. Every team—not just security—should have standardized processes to support company-wide IT security, and the disparate security tools you use need to integrate with a unified platform. There are many solutions available, but not all are designed for a holistic approach to people, processes, and technology.

We need always-on data analysis to make business decisions

Data is a valuable asset. But actionable insights depend on reliable business intelligence and predictive data analytics tools. Red Hat has a proven history of stabilizing customers' infrastructures—no matter their workload. Partnering with Microsoft SQL, SAP® HANA®, and others helps Red Hat optimize our software for database applications and other workloads.

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The future of big data: SAP and Red Hat partner technology brief

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Microsoft SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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Accomplish more with open source

Red Hat is the largest open source company in the world. We build and support open source products from open source projects. We give back to the projects and communities we engage in. We defend open source licenses. With open source, we equip our customers for success.

Discover how we provide customers access to the latest technology, enterprise-grade assurance, and open source expertise through our development and subscription models.

Why Red Hat?

1 IDC InfoBrief sponsored by Red Hat: “Key Infrastructure Trends and Decisions Facing Midmarket Organizations in Asia Pacific.” September 2019.

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