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Success story

IndiGo achieves real-time data, saves millions in fuel costs integrating apps using Red Hat Fuse


To better connect data and reduce manual data re-entry across its 400+ applications, passenger airline IndiGo needed a more streamlined approach. Using Red Hat Fuse and Red Hat Consulting, the company was able to integrate all of its apps into a single interface that provides real-time data on everything from crew scheduling to load calculations. With this instant access, the company now can make more informed decisions faster, leading to cost savings and improved efficiency.




Crew members would have to spend almost 30 minutes filling out various reports after completing a flight. Now, the GroupPortal application unifies data from 20 applications, letting them complete that same work within five minutes.

Charu Verma
Vice President, IndiGo


Better connect data and reduce manual data re-entry

IndiGo relies on several aviation-specific applications to support everything from ticket booking and crew scheduling to load calculation and passenger safety reporting. These applications didn’t communicate directly with each other, so employees had to manually re-enter information into new applications each time. To reduce potential human error and better connect data across applications—mainly revolving around scheduling, engineering, and reservations and their associated applications—IndiGo needed a new integration solution to unify its data into a single interface.


Integrate applications into a single interface

Using Red Hat Fuse, IndiGo integrated its applications into a single interface with zero downtime, allowing any employee to see real-time data at any time. The company also worked with Red Hat Consulting to validate the deployment architecture and establish best practices. Now, everyone at IndiGo can see real-time load information and calculate more precise fuel needs for each flight, better schedule crews and flights, and avoid potential human error related to manual data re-entry.


Software and Services

Red Hat® Fuse

Red Hat Consulting

Business outcome

Improved passenger experience, millions in annual savings

With better integration of service systems, crews and airports can now communicate faster and make more informed decisions. This translates to a more simplified ticketing process, more accurate catering orders, faster flight reports, and automated data entry across applications. The integration also allows IndiGo to more accurately predict fuel needs, saving ₹500 million annually in fuel costs. The integration has also led to a reduction in flight delays and cancellations, resulting in a more positive passenger experience.

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