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Fostering a culture of innovation

Red Hat started as an enterprise Linux® provider. Now, we're a full-stack enterprise open source software company. How did we do it? The answer lies in the way we work. We're an open organization, and while it's helped us grow to meet market demands, it's also something our customers notice and value.

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Open exchange of expertise benefits everyone during this time

What is an open organization?

An open organization values transparency, inclusivity, adaptability, collaboration, and community. Every company has its own culture, so no 2 open organizations look the same. But opening up the way your organization works can lead to greater team alignment and achieving shared goals.

Organize for innovation:

Rethinking how we work

by Jim Whitehurst

An open approach to leadership

I wasn't the person brought in to clean up the chaos, I was the person brought in to scale this more organic way of working. To put it simply, I was brought in to create the context for people to do their best work.

Jim Whitehurst, former President and CEO of Red Hat and current IBM President

How does our open organization help customers succeed?

We're encouraged to debate

Meetings at Red Hat can be quite lively. That's because Red Hatters always fight for what's best for our customers. We believe productive debates are a sign of passion and investment—and they often lead to better decisions for our business and, by extension, our customers.

We're empowered to act

In more hierarchical companies, people in management positions make the decisions. As we grow and scale, we make sure that the people on the ground—the ones who deeply understand our customers' challenges—have a say in the strategic direction of Red Hat.

We're committed to open source

Employees in open organizations are bound by a common purpose. For Red Hatters, it's to make sure open source continues to unlock the world's potential. People work at Red Hat because they believe in open source. This intrinsic passion offers an unmatched level of dedication and knowledge to our customers.

What’s it like to be a Red Hatter?

Red Hat associates are a passionate bunch. Passionate about our work, our hobbies, and our communities. We come from different backgrounds and possess a variety of skills. We value the freedom to exchange opinions and ideas, the ability to challenge the status quo, and a sense of accountability to our customers, shareholders, communities, and each other.

We work in our various roles to make meaningful, tangible impact, and believe that we do our best when we do good things together.

Think you’d like to be a Red Hatter? Check out our current jobs.

Interested in becoming more open?

Red Hat Consulting

Red Hat® Consulting's advisers analyze your organization's challenges and help you overcome them with comprehensive, cost-effective solutions.

Open Innovation Labs

Open Innovation Labs is a highly focused 8-week residency, where 3 to 6 developers learn how to build applications the Red Hat Way.

The Open Organization

In his book, The Open Organization, former President and CEO of Red Hat and current IBM President Jim Whitehurst discusses how open principles can shape how we guide organizations.

New red hat, same Red Hat

Our design reflects our culture

New red hat, same Red Hat

In the process of refreshing our brand and logo system, we incorporated input from Red Hatters, customers, and the community.

Red Hat Open Studio

We believe that everyone is a designer. By opening our creative processes and inviting others in, we make work that is authentic and true to our values.

Freedom to create

What I like most about Red Hat is our open source culture, which guarantees the freedom of each individual. You can really make a difference.

Vaclav, Associate manager and middleware product coordinator, Red Hat

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