Red Hat Helps AGESIC Scale AI Innovation Across Uruguay

Uruguay’s agency for e-government strategy expands its work with Red Hat to develop processes and define standards for AI strategy across the country.


Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that AGESIC, Uruguay’s Agency for Electronic Government and Information and Knowledge Society, responsible for leading e-government strategy and implementation, has adopted Red Hat OpenShift AI on Red Hat OpenShift to extend, scale and standardize the use of AI across Uruguayan government agencies. With Red Hat, AGESIC has been able to lead the nation’s AI strategy and provide its teams with a more consistent, hybrid AI/ML platform to build and host models while delivering innovative applications.


Combining the power of Red Hat OpenShift with Red Hat Openshift AI gives AGESIC users the flexibility to explore opportunities for AI innovation across Uruguay while maintaining AGESIC’s standards and processes for AI usage. Red Hat’s work with AGESIC exemplifies our dedication to improving the user experience for our customers and their customers.

Steven Huels

Vice President and General Manager, AI Business Unit, Red Hat

AGESIC sought to extend its AI platform capabilities with Red Hat OpenShift AI, a flexible, scalable MLOps platform for building, deploying and managing AI-enabled applications across a variety of environments. As the principal of IT innovation in the country and with so many other government organizations relying upon AGESIC for direction in AI, the ability to collaborate within a single more consistent and scalable environment, as well as one that provided an enhanced security footprint, was crucial to the agency. With Red Hat OpenShift AI, AGESIC has begun automating the creation and development process of its AI models and managing model lifecycles, which has enabled standardization of AI usage across all Uruguayan governmental agencies.

AGESIC began its digital transformation journey with a transition from on-premise datacenters to a private cloud. The agency already offers support and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and different digital government solutions as Software as a service (SaaS) to over 180 government entities nationwide, providing Uruguayan citizens with the ability to complete administrative tasks online; as artificial intelligence (AI) began to emerge as a legitimate business technology, AGESIC knew that infusing AI into its operations would be key to meeting the evolving needs of its constituents.

Following the agency’s transition to the cloud, AGESIC optimized its infrastructure for AI with Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading hybrid cloud application platform powered by Kubernetes. OpenShift helped bring a containerized approach to managing workloads and automating the agency’s processes, while also bringing development, operations and systems security functions together on a centralized platform.

With the switch to Red Hat OpenShift, AGESIC was able to evolve its offerings to include Platform as a Service (PaaS), enabling other Uruguayan government agencies to develop, run and manage applications without dealing with the complexity of building and maintaining application infrastructure. Powered by Red Hat OpenShift, AGESIC’s users were able to reduce their manual service ticket process and build a new automated platform that resolves tickets in less than one percent of the time that the manual process required.

AGESIC tapped Red Hat Training to learn MLOps practices that complement its current DevOps processes and gain the needed knowledge to properly scale and democratize AI. Extending OpenShift DevOps to MLOps facilitates collaboration between data scientists, software developers and IT operations so that ML models can be quickly integrated into the development of intelligent applications.

Currently, AGESIC is working with national agencies in support of incorporating AI into specific applications. Moving forward, the agency is continuing its work with Red Hat to explore how it can use additional technologies like Red Hat 3scale API Management and Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation to further innovation in the public sector.

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Steven Huels, vice president and general manager, AI Business Unit, Red Hat

“Artificial intelligence has become a transformative force for many organizations throughout the world, revolutionizing the way we work and introducing new possibilities almost daily. Combining the power of Red Hat OpenShift with Red Hat Openshift AI gives AGESIC users the flexibility to explore opportunities for AI innovation across Uruguay while maintaining AGESIC’s standards and processes for AI usage. Red Hat’s work with AGESIC exemplifies our dedication to improving the user experience for our customers and their customers.”

Gabriel Hernandez, Director of IT and Operations, AGESIC

“The Uruguay Digital Agenda 2025, in its fourth objective, highlights the importance of treating data as an asset. This involves optimizing the intensive use of data and information as a key factor for effective decision-making and efficient public management. The agenda also emphasizes ethical considerations, privacy, responsibility, transparency, and non-Discrimination. As the entity responsible for achieving this objective, AGESIC is using OpenShift and OpenShift AI to combine best practices in architecture and software development with governance processes. With the help of these technologies and associated methodologies, we have been able to advance rapidly and securely towards fulfilling that objective.”

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