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Red Hat on Red Hat tells the inside story of how Red Hat IT drives culture, process, and technology innovation and influences product direction at Red Hat, so that you can use our insights to accelerate your own transformation efforts.

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Transforming the enterprise from the inside out

Red Hat’s IT organization encounters the same challenges and decisions our customers face every day—from infrastructure optimization to application development and delivery, to securing and automating our business. Learn from our genuine experiences and discover best-practice approaches to ubiquitous IT challenges.


Our code is open, and we are, too

Red Hat on Red Hat shares specifics about how our IT teams partner with the business to modernize the enterprise. We provide recommendations based on our own hybrid cloud journey so that you can see what these strategies look like in real life. For example, how do we build application environments for reliability, productivity, and change? How do we keep our systems efficient and secure?


Our IT team is also a Red Hat customer

We’re one of our most discerning customers, and it’s a role we take seriously. IT uses Red Hat products and influences their development to improve the customer experience.


Why Red Hat is powered by Red Hat products

At Red Hat, our teams are independent decision-makers. We use our own products, not because we have to, but because they help us solve our problems. Our IT department uses Red Hat products, including Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat OpenShift®, and Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform, to enable application delivery speed, infrastructure stability, and automation and management scalability.

Approaching culture, process, and technology the open source way


The modern technology environment is always evolving. Learn how our open culture helps us adapt to change.


Innovation isn’t just about what you do — it’s how you do it. Discover the processes that keep us efficient.


See what it’s really like to implement Red Hat technologies, and explore strategic approaches to incorporating and integrating with other open source products.

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Hybrid cloud infrastructure

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What we've learned using OpenShift Container Platform in a hybrid cloud environment for Red Hat IT

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It’s a hybrid world (and what a wonderful world it is)

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Open Outlook: Cloud

Application development & deployment


Developing and deploying applications in a multi-site hybrid cloud



Pulling the Puppet Strings with Ansible


IT brokering: Automating the path to production


Red Hat IT simplifies network automation with Ansible Automation Platform

Digital transformation


How Red Hat re-designed its Single Sign On (SSO) architecture, and why.


Transitioning Red Hat SSO to a highly-available hybrid cloud deployment

What transformation looks like

Digital transformation takes a slightly different shape in every organization depending on your business challenges and existing environment. Following open source principles in your technology, process, and culture decisions encourages innovation no matter where you’re starting from.