The future of IT needs all of us

The world has changed. Businesses must operate in a new way and embrace open source innovation.

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Fail at DevOps1

Your latest app innovation doesn't matter if it isn't up and running

Whether you like it or not, business transformation is happening. The competitive landscape is changing at a rapid pace and organizations like yours are under tremendous pressure to keep up.

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When projects fail, it's typically not the technology. It has to do with how companies operate.

Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat, CEO Download the open organization field guide

What if the key to transformation was sitting across the room this entire time?

Your infrastructure and applications groups need to collaborate, but they have different goals and don't think of themselves as part of the same team. It's time to unite IT.

Red Hat Open Innovation Labs will immerse your team in the best of open source tools, methods, and culture to transform your IT department from a cost center to a source for innovation.

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Red Hat Open Innovation Labs can help your team understand the open source approach to development, agile workflows, and how these combine with open source tools to define a DevOps strategy.

Business transforms when IT comes together

Red Hat helps you unite IT with shared solutions that integrate teams and open technologies, from automation and hybrid cloud infrastructure to containers and app dev. Drive transformation faster—all without lock-in.

The Red Hat way

We believe in collaboration. We believe in choice, control, and freedom. Open source values like meritocracy, community building, and transparency are changing the way we approach business and life. We believe openness is the default 21st-century innovation model.

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