The Red Hat Way

You can count on collaboration

Chance favors the connected mind. And today, we're more connected than ever. One hunch leads to another. Interest gathers, efforts compound, obstacles are overcome, improvements accumulate.

Eureka moments don’t drive progress. Collaboration drives progress. It always has and always will.

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Shifting power

Freedom from vendor lock-in

Open source software ends vendor dominance. It shifts the power of technology from IT providers to the people using it. Because who knows what you need better than you?


You control how and when you grow.

Red Hat® subscriptions give customers great freedom. Choose from multiple supported versions, and update on your schedule. Red Hat Enterprise Linux® 4 and up is supported for 10 years. We publish our life cycle and update policies, so there are no surprises.


Just because you choose us for 1 thing doesn’t mean you have to choose us for everything. But our vast portfolio—including solutions from us, our partners, and others across the IT industry —means your options are open.

Open source standards make our products portable and interoperable. We work with everyone—partners and competitors alike—to make sure our technology works when and where you need it.


Open innovation mitigates risk

When development is distributed, the risk of failure goes down.

Red Hat technologies are developed in close collaboration with customers, partners, and communities. And when Red Hat takes responsibility for open source technology by testing, hardening, securing, and supporting it, every customer shares the same level of assurance.

Open source communities

Communities include everyone

Open source communities are the source of our strength. But we can’t just take—we must participate and pay it back in code, commitment, and connections.

Communities include companies. Most enterprise IT experts are deeply involved in the upstream communities of the technologies they know best. And communities don’t just contribute innovation, they grow and develop innovators.

JBoss Community

Patent policy

Fighting the good fight

Red Hat believes that software patents impede innovation in software development and discourage open source innovation.

Red Hat representatives have addressed these issues before the National Academies of Science, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the European Union, and the U.S. Department of Justice. We reluctantly maintain a portfolio of software patents for defensive purposes.

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