CentOS Stream: A contribution path to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

CentOS Stream is an upstream open source development platform that lets you develop, test, and contribute to a continuously delivered Linux® distribution that tracks just ahead of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux. It provides more transparency and opportunities for community, partner, and customer participation. Because CentOS Stream code becomes the next minor release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can contribute more quickly and directly to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and test your workloads in advance of new releases.

CentOS Stream is a key part of the enterprise Linux ecosystem

CentOS Stream exists between Fedora Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the open source code flow. By working within the fast-moving CentOS Stream project, Red Hat can create and release new versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux more rapidly.

As a development platform for contributing to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS Stream lets you:

  • Share feedback on upcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases prior to availability.
  • Test and prepare workloads for the next Red Hat Enterprise Linux minor release.
  • Work side by side with Red Hat Enterprise Linux engineers on patches and updates to benefit your use cases and interests.
  • Collaborate with industry peers and partners in special interest groups to move your use cases forward.

Figure 1. CentOS Stream has a strong connection with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, allowing each offering to contribute to the other

Contribute to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

CentOS Stream lets you contribute and make changes to Red Hat Enterprise Linux more quickly and effectively than before. It provides early access to the same code Red Hat developers and engineers use to produce the next version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This increased transparency lets you share feedback on upcoming minor releases before they are published. If you identify functionality that is not in the current version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can propose a change to CentOS Stream. You can also provide code directly to CentOS Stream. Red Hat developers evaluate your proposal or code to determine next steps. Accepted changes are tested, verified, and included in CentOS Stream as well as the next minor release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Validate your applications and processes

CentOS Stream gives you early access to code that will become Red Hat Enterprise Linux. As a result, you can develop and test workloads that target Red Hat Enterprise Linux prior to the next release. You can also contribute your tests to the CentOS Stream community to better understand whether future changes may impact your workload.

Connect with peers

CentOS Stream provides a place to collaborate with like-minded people and entities. Create or join a special interest group (SIG) to work on technologies and collaboratively solve specific challenges. Related technologies include features and functionality in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and capabilities that run on top of the operating system. Solutions generated through CentOS Stream SIGs may be considered for inclusion in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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CentOS Stream is an important part of the enterprise Linux ecosystem and provides a streamlined path for contributing to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Which platform is right for your organization?

Each platform in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux open source development ecosystem fits different needs.

  • Fedora Linux: Linux operating system development and desktop use cases
  • CentOS Stream: Participation in Red Hat Enterprise Linux development

    Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) activities to prepare for the next Red at Enterprise Linux release
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Enterprise and production workloads
  • Development and redistribution of containerized applications via Red Hat Universal Base Images