Focus on application development with Red Hat and AWS

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS: A cloud-native, joint solution from Red Hat and AWS

IT teams must deal with increased complexity in their systems, limited time and resources, and traditional, monolithic architectures that may need updating. Rising operating costs and the current talent shortage lead organizations to look for ways to scale and automate to develop greater flexibility, increase speed to market, and reduce costs. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can take advantage of Red Hat® OpenShift® Service on AWS to help address these challenges. Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS is a managed cloud service jointly engineered and supported by Red Hat and AWS. This edition of Red Hat OpenShift runs natively on AWS, increasing the operational efficiency of building, deploying, and scaling applications. 

Engineered by Red Hat and AWS to reduce complexity and  increase flexibility

Red Hat and AWS have been working together as strategic partners since 2008. Our integrated solutions help you increase speed, improve security and interoperability, and simplify deployment. 

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS is an application platform with integrated development and operational productivity features, including:

These integrated tools, consistent interfaces, and application programming interfaces (APIs) reduce friction between teams during development, deployment, and operations while accelerating the time-to-value and time-to-market. With these integrated services,  teams can get started quickly and focus on building applications rather than building and maintaining application platforms and integrating different services.

Red Hat and AWS engineering teams work together to jointly build OpenShift Service on AWS. Red Hat site reliability engineering (SRE) experts automate operational tasks such as provisioning, scaling, configuration, and update scheduling—so you can focus on application innovation without worrying about the complex task of infrastructure management.

By adding OpenShift Service on AWS to your stack, you can reap the advantages of global support from Red Hat and AWS experts, an integrated ticketing system, and coordinated issue escalation and resolution.

Accelerate innovation with Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS helps our teams create the infrastructure they need, when they need it, to deliver the latest features and updates. We can also monitor and control costs to optimize our resource use but keep our operating expenses lean.

Paulo Barbose

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Banfico [1]

Features of OpenShift Service on AWS

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS can be accessed directly through the AWS console. Self-service deployment can help you provision clusters in minutes and scale them on demand. 

With a consistent Red Hat OpenShift foundation, OpenShift Service on AWS provides a familiar deployment experience across hybrid cloud infrastructure. By unifying on a single enterprise Kubernetes platform across your hybrid cloud, you can get the flexibility required to choose the right solution for your workloads and needs. 

OpenShift Service on AWS integrates with a wide variety of AWS cloud-native services, including: 

  • Compute. 
  • Database. 
  • Analytics. 
  • Machine learning. 
  • Networking. 
  • Mobile. 

OpenShift Service on AWS also includes cluster services like monitoring, logging, and networking. A number of developer productivity tools are also available, including Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh, Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces, and Red Hat OpenShift Serverless. This makes it easier and simpler to build, operate, and scale globally.

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS has flexible purchasing options, and you can get OpenShift up and running in your environment using AWS committed spend funds. Centrally managed, pay-as-you-go pricing helps you manage costs and maximize your committed IT spending. Both your Red Hat OpenShift and AWS usage is calculated as part of a single unified bill, which you will receive from AWS. Additionally, your committed spend with AWS extends to OpenShift Service on AWS, so you can start accelerating application innovation with the spend you already have available.

OpenShift Service on AWS’s service-level agreement (SLA) is financially backed at 99.95% uptime, and SRE experts from Red Hat and AWS are available 24x7 to provide support as needed.

Get started with OpenShift Service on AWS

Learn more about OpenShift Service on AWS, create your own OpenShift Service on AWS cluster, and get in contact with Red Hat today.

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  2. Forrester Consulting, Total Economic Impact™ Spotlight study, commissioned by Red Hat. “Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS enables innovation and agility for modern business,” March 2022. Results are for a composite organization representative of interviewed customers. 

Benefits of using OpenShift Service on AWS:2

  • 70% reduction in development time by year 3
  • 50% reduction in infrastructure management effort
  • 20% recouped developer time