Red Hat Enterprise Linux for digital service providers

Innovate, protect, optimize, and trust with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Service providers in telecommunications (telco), media/cable, and entertainment must adapt and respond to changing customer requirements, including being prepared to move quickly between cloud environments. Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® provides a flexible and stable foundation to support hybrid cloud agility and innovation. Providers can deploy applications and critical workloads more efficiently with a consistent experience across physical, virtual, private and public cloud, and edge deployments. 

  1. Operate with confidence to build a future-ready network. Develop critical applications with confidence on an independently validated and certified platform that has passed government and regulated industry standards such as Common Criteria and Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). 
  2. Gain the flexibility to react more efficiently to business needs. Build agility and meet your transformation and innovation goals with applications and containers built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux across an open hybrid cloud environment. You can also scale up or down when needed.
  3. Increase security capabilities without impacting performance. Take advantage of the latest, high performance cryptography with OpenSSL 3.0 to help meet data encryption standards such as those in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). An improved SELinux mandatory access control system shows lower overhead allowing for better scalability. 
  4. Boost efficiency, reliability, and security capabilities  across your Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments. Included in every Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription, Red Hat Insights uses predictive analytics to assess environments, identify and prioritize operational and security risks, and simplify operations. Red Hat Insights also enhances subscription tracking across hybrid cloud deployments, streamlining how you manage your Red Hat Enterprise Linux instances.
  5. Speed up cloud-native application development with the Linux platform designed for containers and microservices. Access comprehensive tooling for creating containers and developing cloud-native microservices applications with fast data paths in real time across public cloud environments Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.
  6. Spend less on network maintenance and more time on innovation. With a common operating system (OS), gain consistency from the network core to distributed edge computing environments. Streamline operations by centralizing development and management. IT staff will not require additional training to build, deploy, and scale applications and workloads across hybrid cloud environments.
  7. Reduce security management overhead. Automate security configurations and maintain consistency across systems. Red Hat Enterprise Linux system roles support security and compliance at scale by allowing organizations to implement and manage security best practices with fewer resources.
  8. Accelerate web-scale and media applications. Telco, media/cable, and entertainment companies can boost their edge application deployments with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, taking advantage of the value of 5G high performance video streaming with low latency.

Red Hat is committed to partnering with innovative service providers. As service providers race to become more agile to take advantage of 5G networks, Red Hat and its global partner ecosystem offer a comprehensive open platform that helps service providers innovate more efficiently, bringing new services to market with greater scalability and security focus. Learn more about Red Hat Enterprise Linux and our solutions for telecommunications and other service providers today.

Award-winning support, training, and consulting services make Red Hat a trustworthy partner and adviser. See why 100% of telecommunications and media/technology companies in the Fortune global 500 rely on Red Hat.  

Red Hat Enterprise Linux helps service providers in any environment, at any scale:

  • Accelerate innovation
  • Establish a consistent security-focused foundation
  • Streamline IT infrastructure
  • Operate with confidence