Move to Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS for less

Choose a platform to support your business initiatives now and in the future

Organizations that use CentOS Linux® 7 currently face a choice. The CentOS Project will discontinue all updates and releases of CentOS Linux 7 after June 30, 2024. As a result, CentOS Linux users must migrate to a new operating system to continue receiving updates and patches. While migrating to a new operating system may seem tedious, it also presents an opportunity to reassess your organization’s needs and choose a platform that will better support your business and IT strategies now and in the future.

Red Hat and AWS are helping to ease this transition with a tailored, cost-effective offering for CentOS Linux 7 users.

Ease your migration with a low-cost, high-value offering

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux for Third Party Linux Migration with Extended Life Cycle Support (ELS) on AWS is a low-cost subscription offering for current CentOS Linux 7 users. This offering includes:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server. Organizations of all sizes across industries can benefit from this consistent, intelligent operating foundation for modern IT and enterprise hybrid cloud deployments.
  • Convert2RHEL tool. Convert your CentOS Linux 7 systems to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 systems in-place with this fully supported tool. Using Convert2RHEL keeps your existing customizations, configurations, and preferences and results in a supported instance of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
  • 4 years of Extended Life Cycle Support. Keep your environment protected and running smoothly with access to security patches and updates until June 2028 — an additional 4 years of security and maintenance coverage.
  • High availability (HA). Deploy managed, highly available clusters of AWS resources running Red Hat Enterprise Linux to deliver reliability, scalability, and availability to your critical production services.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Third Party Linux Migration with ELS is available to both existing and new Red Hat customers and can be purchased from the AWS Marketplace in all regions. This subscription is offered at a significantly reduced price compared to standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux offerings but is not eligible for add-ons like Extended Update Support (EUS). Similar offerings are also available for on-site deployments.

Access the power of Red Hat on AWS

Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AWS deliver optimal value for your organization:

  • Deployment flexibility
  • Award-winning support and expertise
  • Proactive management services
  • Security certifications and built-in tools
  • Developer resources and programs

Learn more about the value of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS.

Maintain operational continuity during and after your migration

Operating system migrations take time to plan and perform. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Third Party Linux Migration with ELS on AWS simplifies the process and helps you maintain operational continuity as you migrate from CentOS Linux 7. The included 4 years of patches and updates gives you more time to plan and prepare to upgrade from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to a more current release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Because CentOS Linux is derived from sources published by Red Hat, you can continue to use many of the same skills, techniques, and elements while gaining the features, tools, support, and value you need to support your business moving forward. Your teams can simply pick up where they left off with little to no retraining. This also means that your custom applications will likely run without change on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In fact, your third-party applications are probably already certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, so you won’t need to requalify your applications post-migration.

Finally, the Convert2RHEL tool streamlines your migration. It converts your CentOS Linux 7 systems in-place in your AWS cloud environments  while preserving your configurations and settings. With Convert2RHEL, there’s no need to tear down or deploy your application stack, minimizing disruptions to your operations.

Move forward with confidence

Take advantage of this opportunity to move to an operating system that better supports your business now and in the future. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Third Party Linux Migration with ELS on AWS helps you migrate to a production-ready operating foundation rapidly, simply, and with minimal disruption.

Learn more about Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Third Party Linux Migration with ELS on AWS or purchase this subscription from the AWS Marketplace:

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