Red Hat certifications

How to prepare for Red Hat certification exams

Red Hat certifications are an effective way to demonstrate mastery of Red Hat products and technologies. Whether you’re looking to get your foot in the door of the IT world or you’re a seasoned professional looking to move up the ladder, an industry-renowned Red Hat certification can help you take the right next step.

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Preparing for the challenge

It’s important to keep in mind that Red Hat Certification is so highly regarded due to its challenging nature. It’s key to ensure that you are adequately prepared prior to sitting for the certification exam. After all, the  exams are all about performing hands-on tasks as opposed to traditional multiple-choice questions  or  hypothetical scenarios.

This exam design intentionally simulates challenges you may face in the real world, to ensure that you are competent in navigating Red Hat technology. Don’t panic! With the proper resources and preparation, you can feel confident on exam day.

Along with Red Hat Training’s extensive course catalog, there are many resources available that provide tips and recommendations for your preparation journey.

Understand the different ways to test

You can test in-person or remotely. To find a location near you, visit our Ways to test page. To learn more about setting up for your remote exam, review the materials below.

Watch and learn how to take remote exams

Check out our video for overviews on how to schedule an exam, prepare your workspace, run a compatibility test, and more.

For information on creating a remote exam LiveUSB for the platform you’re using, browse our related videos.

Find the right fit among our available exams

As global and regional demand increases for more flexibility in ways to test, we are making more of our exams available for remote delivery.

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