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A proven path to success

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Manage your certification profile to connect with potential employers and other Red Hat® Certified Professionals. Participate in Red Hat's community, form study groups, and collaborate on current projects.
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Explore Red Hat Training's flexible options for learning new skills and building your career.
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The Red Hat Learning Subscription has been a powerful asset. Training courses that I've taken so far have been very significant in my career. I learned everything I know from Red Hat.

Fabrice Harbulot,
Devops Leader and Cloud Engineer (RHCA®, RHCE®, RHCSA®)
2020 Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year
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Value of a Red Hat certification

Develop your skills. Learn from the best.

Value of a Red Hat certification for IT professionals:

  • Differentiation from other IT professionals not certified by Red Hat on Red Hat solutions
  • Verify your skills and knowledge
  • Demonstrate readiness for new responsibilities
  • Higher salaries, when compared with noncertified professionals
  • Greater IT industry credibility
  • Access to personalized e-certificates
  • Access to the secure Red Hat Certification Central to manage your profile
  • Access to the Red Hat Certification Central verification tool
  • Red Hat Certification Badging
  • Red Hat Certified Professional Store
  • Fulfillment of Red Hat partner accreditation level requirements

Certification success stories

Red Hat Certified Professionals are proven

2013 Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year

Rafael Guimarães
RHCE, RHCJA, systems analyst

Life-long learning. Red Hat certifications.

Dr S.P.T. Krishnan
RHCE, lab head of mobile security, scientist

Proof of experience. Red Hat certifications.

Cesar Ryan B. Mindana
RHCE, system planning manager