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Red Hat Certification Renewal

Keep your skills—and your certification—current

Red Hat® Certified Professionals (RHCPs) are skilled, proven, and ready to take on the toughest IT challenges. Their certifications, validated through rigorous, performance-based examination, prove they deliver results.

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How do I keep my certification current?

Options for keeping certifications current

It’s critical for IT professionals to apply their skills and knowledge regularly to stay fresh. They must also remain current with new and revised technologies. Red Hat policies for RHCPs ensure they meet these expectations.

There are different ways to keep a certification current, depending on the type of certification. You always have the option of retaking an exam to renew its associated certification. In some instances, you can earn other certifications to keep your certification current. This approach allows IT professionals to expand their skills and knowledge into new areas, which is increasingly important for a successful IT career.

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It shouldn’t be a chore to learn about—and register for—the certification you need. We provide a number of ways to help you.


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