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Argentina’s migration department protects national security with unified data platform


Dirección Nacional de Migraciones de la República Argentina (Argentina’s National Migration Department) wanted to unify data to better predict potential criminal threats from anyone traveling to or from Argentina—and to better place migrant residents based on their skill and need. Working with Red Hat, the department created an open source, private cloud migration analysis platform. The National Migration Department can now more effectively use artificial intelligence (AI) insight to analyze potential threats and coordinate with security organizations.

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB A country’s security is priceless. Information helps us fight transnational crime and improve coordination with other bodies, even those in other countries.

Osmar Liza

Coordinator of Migration Control, Dirección Nacional de Migraciones de la República Argentina

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • SIZE
    350,000 administration employees, 3,600 immigration offices


Protect Argentina’s security with data intelligence

Argentina’s National Migration Department controls entry and exit to the country, manages residence permits and migrant placement, and coordinates local and international data sources to help prevent criminal activity. “The effectiveness of each border check depends on handling data quickly and appropriately with many different sources and suppliers,” said Osmar Alza, coordinator of migration control at the National Migration Department. However, high levels of transit and large volumes of data made analysis difficult. To protect national security and better direct incoming talent, the department wanted to create a single, user-friendly, real-time database for rapid analysis, effectively integrated with external data sources.


Create a comprehensive, unified database

As part of its digital transformation, the National Migration Department wanted to build a unified, private cloud data environment using open source technology. “The decision to migrate to open systems was not easy, because we have a history of proprietary systems and had adapted to them,” said Alza. “But when we were looking at the the level of development we’d need to do, we began to think about what we’d need to support a collaborative, integrated development base.” The department decided to use enterprise open source platform, management, and automation software from Red Hat as the foundation of its new database.

Software & Services

Business Outcome

Optimize data access for users

With its new platform, the National Migration Department helps users access more than 2 billion data assets through a simple interface. “Analysts resolve cases quicker, with much better results,” said Juan Carlos Biacchi, general manager of information systems and technology at the National Migration Department. “Reports that used to take 48-72 hours can now be produced in a day.” Also, the department is now securely integrated with other national security and intelligence groups, as well as international organizations, to ensure data accuracy. “A country’s security is priceless,” said Alza. “Information helps us fight transnational crime and improve coordination with other bodies, even those in other countries.”

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB We can now use different variables, parameters, and scenarios to better help security and intelligence teams decide whether or not to act. We can also better channel foreign national talent to the best place based on their skills and needs, helping Argentina meet its goal of establishing itself globally.

Diego Enríquez

General Manager of Information, Analysis, and Migration Control, Dirección Nacional de Migraciones de la República Argentina

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