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Trade high costs and vendor lock-in for open source and reliability

Exciting things happen when organizations move to Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware. That's why progressive enterprises like Sprint Nextel, E*Trade, and Roche are trading high costs and vendor restrictions for open source Red Hat JBoss Middleware.

Why migrate?

You need to move to the cloud—at some point.

Deploying applications to the cloud has many benefits, but when you do it should be up to you. Proprietary middleware can tie you to a particular delivery model or approach. Red Hat JBoss Middleware helps ease you into the cloud whenever you're ready.

Your legacy middleware cannot keep up with new technology requirements.

Organizations must be able to provide solutions that incorporate and support social, mobile, big data, and cloud computing—and whatever's next. Modular architecture and community innovation in Red Hat JBoss Middleware let you incorporate these new technologies and deliver applications to market quickly and effectively.

Your developers need to be more productive across the development cycle.

Developers need speed. They need to develop and deploy new applications—and update and redeploy their existing applications—faster. Red Hat JBoss Middleware's broad set of tooling capabilities, fast startup times, and superior support allow developers and architects to focus creative energies on innovations that truly differentiate your business.

Why Red Hat JBoss Middleware?

Red Hat JBoss Middleware can help you innovate more quickly, speed up your time to market, and unlock the value of your existing IT assets while lowering your costs and risk. Take advantage of:

  • Faster Innovation. With the right tools and technology, productivity soars. You have the freedom to focus more time and resources delivering new solutions. Greater agility leads to faster innovation.
  • Lighter weight. From modular architectures that let you choose just what you need, to blazing-fast startup times, to embeddable platforms that can be deployed in remote branches or devices, Red Hat JBoss Middleware is lightweight—letting you quickly and easily unlock the value of existing IT assets.
  • Lower cost and risk. With acquisition costs about 1/10th that of proprietary competitors, Red Hat JBoss Middleware delivers a fully supported enterprise-class, open source middleware portfolio with less risk of lock-in, lower barriers to entry and exit, and the flexibility to deploy new versions without additional license costs.

For enterprise IT professionals who must build mission-critical solutions to differentiate and ensure their organization's success, Red Hat JBoss Middleware lets enterprises innovate faster, in a smarter way.


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Strategic migration planning guides

Use one of these guides to learn about migrating to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform:

JBoss Migration Center

The JBoss Migration Center helps enterprises "get unstuck" and safely navigate middleware migrations. The migration center includes a set of open source migration assessment tools as well as guides and documentation to accelerate the process and reduce the risk of migrating applications to Red Hat JBoss Middleware.

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