Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® AI is a foundation model platform to seamlessly develop, test, and run Granite family large language models (LLMs) for enterprise applications.

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Take control of LLMs with open source

Generative AI (gen AI) is a catalyst for groundbreaking change, disrupting everything from how software is made to how we communicate. But frequently, the LLMs used for gen AI are tightly controlled, and cannot be evaluated or improved without specialized skills and high costs.

The future shouldn’t be in the hands of the few. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI and its open source approach, you can encourage gen AI innovation with trust and transparency, while lowering costs and removing barriers to entry.

You can even contribute directly to AI model development with InstructLab, a community-driven solution for enhancing LLM capabilities.

How Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI works

Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI brings together:

  • The Granite family of open source-licensed LLMs, distributed under the Apache-2.0 license with complete transparency on training datasets.
  • InstructLab model alignment tools, which open the world of community-developed LLMs to a wide range of users.
  • A bootable image of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including popular AI libraries such as PyTorch and hardware optimized inference for NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD.
  • Enterprise-grade technical support and model intellectual property indemnification provided by Red Hat.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI allows portability across hybrid cloud environments, and makes it possible to then scale your AI workflows with Red Hat OpenShift® AI and to advance to IBM with additional capabilities for enterprise AI development, data management, and model governance.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI is launching as a developer preview, with general availability expected in coming months.

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Features and benefits

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LLMs for the enterprise

Open source-licensed IBM Granite LLMs are included under the Apache-2.0 license, and fully supported and indemnified by Red Hat.

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Community collaboration

InstructLab makes it possible to simplify generative AI model experimentation and alignment tuning.

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Cloud-native scalability

Red Hat Enterprise Linux image mode lets you manage your AI platform as a container image, streamlining your approach to scaling.

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Acceleration and AI tooling

Open source hardware accelerators, plus the optimized deep learning features of PyTorch, support faster results.

Why Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform, certified on hundreds of clouds and with thousands of hardware and software vendors. With the technological foundation of Linux, containers, and automation, Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud strategy gives you the flexibility to run your AI applications anywhere you need them.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI, Granite, and InstructLab further deliver on this vision, breaking down the cost and resource barriers to experimenting with and building AI models while providing the tools, data, and concepts needed to fuel the next wave of intelligent workloads.

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