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Red Hat Enterprise Linux security

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As workloads shift to the open hybrid cloud, it’s increasingly important to prioritize a security-driven foundation for your applications and processes. Built to meet today’s high expectations of security and compliance, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® provides that foundation.

Modern organizations set specific requirements when choosing a hardened operating system (OS) that can reduce their risk of security vulnerabilities, protect data and configuration file privacy, and meet compliance standards. Priorities are:

  • Consistent controls across environments. 
  • Supply-chain security capabilities.
  • Built-in tools to support compliance and auditing requirements. 


Red Hat Enterprise Linux takes a practical, 3-point approach to addressing security challenges: Mitigate, secure, and comply. Built-in security features help you defend against threats and stay in compliance with regulatory requirements, and upgrading on a regular schedule can help maintain your security posture by ensuring uninterrupted access to the latest fixes. 


Configure and manage security and reduce the risk of a firewall breach before your data, systems, or reputation is exposed. Red Hat Enterprise Linux:

  • Expands vulnerability coverage to remediate the latest threats
  • Minimizes reboots when patching for increased uptime and resilience
  • Strengthens supply chain security with secure build processes and analysis
  • Performs vulnerability scanning and remediation of the life cycle from the time of startup  
  • Enables access to applications in a sandbox to prevent exploits from being effective

Automate OS security and maintain it over time, while configuring and integrating with management solutions at scale and minimizing downtime. Red Hat Enterprise Linux:

  • Provides built-in layers of security and authentication to help defend against myriad threats
  • Centralizes identity and access control management across systems and system administrators
  • Implements system-wide, customizable cryptography policies 
  • Provides hardware root of trust to verify system integrity and network security  
  • Streamlines and scales security management and functionality across the hybrid datacenter and file system

Streamline compliance standards for organizations with highly-regulated environments, security guides, and security policies. Red Hat Enterprise Linux:

  • Provides a consistent and independently validated and certified solution 
  • Automates security configuration and maintains consistency across footprints
  • Delivers compliance tools as part of the OS to easily deploy security baselines at scale
  • Performs configuration and vulnerability scans and security updates on a local system to validate compliance
  • Records user activity for simplified auditing and troubleshooting

Learn about Red Hat’s approach to security and compliance

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the world’s leading open source Linux platform, enabling you to mitigate risk, enforce security configuration and policy, and streamline compliance strategy. 

Learn more about how to manage security, compliance, and automation consistently across your entire hybrid cloud infrastructure, from datacenter to Kubernetes deployment and beyond.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux security

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the world’s leading open source Linux platform, enabling you to mitigate risk, enforce security configuration and policy, and streamline compliance strategy.


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