Cerritos Wildfire Covers More Than 5,000 Acres

Wildfires aren’t new to California’s fire crews. But this year is different. Flames in Yosemite are threatening treasured sequoias that are some of the largest and oldest living things on earth, some living past 3,000 years. University researchers with support from the National Science Foundation are analyzing satellite and sensor data to be able to predict and track such wildfires to save human, animal and plant lives.

Machine data comes in various shapes, forms, and sizes. Retailers use RFID sensors on their trucks to optimize inventory. Meteorologists run complex analytical models to predict hurricane paths based on real time data from weather balloons and lighthouses. Investment banks regularly use order data to and from stock exchanges to make split second buy/sell decisions on trades worth millions of dollars – all without any human intervention. In fact, a large portion of the broader Big Data market is focused on extracting value from machine data quickly and cost effectively.

To that effect, Red Hat has teamed with Splunk, the market leader in machine data analytics, to make the acquisition and administration of a machine data analytics solution easier and more cost effective. Join us for a free webinar on Aug 6th and hear from David Yaffe of SaskTel how this leading telecom vendor in Saskatchewan, Canada deployed Splunk on Red Hat Storage to improve profitability and cut costs.