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Wherever your agency is on its cloud journey, I bring good news. Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS GovCloud, the enterprise-ready cloud services offering, has been designated as FedRAMP “In-Process”, which is a designation provided to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) that are actively working toward a FedRAMP Authorization with either the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) or a federal agency. Red Hat is currently working towards receiving FedRAMP High certification to allow organizations in highly regulated industries to build and deploy Kubernetes-based applications on ROSA while addressing key government security and compliance requirements.

Government and the private sector have been using Red Hat OpenShift in their own data centers for years. Like the on-premises version, Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) is an application platform for quickly building, modernizing and deploying containerized applications. (Containers are smaller than virtual machines and can be freely moved to other servers.) If you have experience using OpenShift, you already know how to use the tools and APIs for ROSA, because they’re the same.

Turnkey platform, integrated with native AWS services and pay as you go

ROSA supports the mission in three new ways.

First, the service is a joint, cloud-native offering with AWS and Red Hat that can be accessed on-demand in the AWS console. As a supported turnkey application platform, ROSA includes fully integrated development and productivity features, such as Integrated Development Environment (IDE), runtimes, build pipelines, monitoring and service mesh on top of upstream supported Kubernetes. Red Hat site reliability engineers (SREs) proactively manage lifecycling, scaling, security patching and incident response, 24x7x365. They work side-by-side with AWS to help operate managed Red Hat OpenShift clusters, applications and data services efficiently and at scale. And ROSA comes with a 99.95% SLA (monthly availability) and joint support from AWS and Red Hat. The net result is that your teams have more time to build great software to support the mission. 

Second, ROSA gives you access to more than 170 (and counting) integrated AWS services for compute, database, analytics, machine learning, networking, mobile and more. 

Third, ROSA offers flexible consumption models with your choice of hourly or discounted annual billing. You receive a unified bill from AWS that covers both OpenShift and AWS consumption, simplifying procurement. As you introduce new agency apps or volume spikes, create Red Hat OpenShift clusters in minutes and pay only for the instances you need with on-demand pricing. Or you can take advantage of discounted pricing over a longer period of time with one- and three-year reserved instance purchasing models. ROSA also fully qualifies for 100% of your spend with the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EPD). 

Proven track record in federal government

Public and private sector organizations that don’t need FedRAMP authorization have been using ROSA since the service launched in 2021, with one federal agency having used ROSA to deploy more than 100 containerized applications in AWS. Rapid deployment proved its value during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the agency was able to very quickly introduce a new self-service portal for residents and a fraud-prevention system.

See how ROSA works

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