Aside from the Red Hat® logo, our trademarks include the Red Hat wordmark and the names of certain products, services, and technologies. Using our trademarks correctly in documentation, web pages, marketing materials, and collateral is as important as using the logo correctly.

Red Hat in writing

The Red Hat trademark is always written as 2 separate capitalized words. Always use the same typeface to spell Red Hat as you use for the rest of the text. We do not translate the name Red Hat into other languages. Do not split Red Hat between 2 lines of text.

Registered trademarks

Place a registered trademark symbol (®) after the first reference of the trademarked term in the body copy, not in headlines or titles. The only exception to this rule is the name Red Hat because we mark Red Hat after its first use as an adjective, not after its first use. Once the trademark symbol is placed next to the first reference of a trademark, there is no need to use it with that particular trademark again in the body copy. 

Do this

Because Red Hat is modifying Virtualization as an adjective, the registered trademark symbol should be used if it is the first instance of Red Hat.

Do this

Always keep the name Red Hat on the same line of text.

Red X saying do not do this

In this instance, Red Hat refers to the company and is not being used as an adjective, so it should not be marked even if it is the first instance of Red Hat.

Red X saying do not do this

Do not split the name Red Hat between 2 lines of text.

Trademarks in use

Rather than customize our marking policies to individual countries, we maintain a universal marking policy that takes into account the benefits of marking and the risks of mismarking. We mark only a subset of our registered trademarks with the trademark symbol:

Red Hat®


Therefore, product names that incorporate 1 or more of the above would be marked like this:

Red Hat® Virtualization
Red Hat® Ansible®
Automation Platform
Red Hat® Ceph® Storage
Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®

Do not use the trademark symbol to mark other companies’ trademarks unless Red Hat has an agreement with them that obligates us to do so or unless you are instructed to do so by Red Hat’s legal department. Linux® and OpenStack® are examples of trademarks that must be marked with the trademark symbol due to Red Hat’s relationship with their respective owners.

Copyright in use

Every web page and the last page of a printed document should have a copyright notice and trademark attribution in the footer. The copyright wording is specific to the number of trademarked entities on the page. Start with a basic boilerplate and customize it with the specific information you need.



Copyright © 2020 Red Hat, Inc. Red Hat, and the Red Hat logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Red Hat, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.