Social & Environmental Supplier Responsibilities

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As Red Hat grows, our impact on the environment and the community grows as well. Red Hat is committed to creating a better world by doing business with environmentally and socially responsible suppliers.

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Red Hat expects its suppliers to establish and maintain a management system that addresses social and environmental responsibilities by:

1. Establishing a corporate social responsibility and environmental management system that is defined, deployed, and sustainable and that identifies aspects of the supplier's intersections with these matters, including those articulated in the Red Hat Supplier Code of Conduct;

2. Establishing programs to control operations and ensure compliance with applicable law and regulation, and any particular contractual requirements related to Red Hat;

3. Having voluntary environmental goals and established programs to improve environmental performance, including (where applicable) programs addressing:

  • Energy conservation;
  • Waste management and recycling;
  • Scope 1 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (direct emissions generated by the company);
  • Scope 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (indirect emissions that are associated with the generation of electricity that is purchased and consumed by the company).

4. Disclosing results associated with voluntary environmental goals and programs, as well as any other environmental aspects from the management system, including any regulatory fines or penalties that may have occurred;

5. Training employees who are responsible for the management, performance, and reporting of environmental performance to ensure appropriate competency; and

6. Cascading similar initiatives to the supplier's own suppliers that perform work that is material to the products and/or services procured by Red Hat.