CentOS Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Microsoft Azure

Choose an operating system and cloud provider that support your business initiatives

Organizations that use CentOS Linux®—a freely available, community-supported Linux distribution—currently face a choice. The CentOS Project stopped providing CentOS Linux 8 releases and updates in December 2021 and will discontinue all updates and releases of CentOS Linux 7 in June 2024. As a result, CentOS Linux users must migrate to a new operating system to continue receiving updates, patches, and new features.

The discontinuation of CentOS Linux provides an opportunity to move to an operating system that better supports your cloud initiatives. Red Hat® Enterprise Linux running on Microsoft Azure delivers an intelligent, production-grade operating foundation for open hybrid cloud environments.

Download the overview for details on why Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the ideal operating system on Microsoft Azure.

Migrate from CentOS Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux via Microsoft Azure

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