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Red Hat BeNeLux events

View all upcoming Red Hat events in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.


Red Hat Summit 2020

The live Red Hat Summit 2020 Virtual Experience is over, but your learning doesn’t have to end. Through next year, view the on-demand sessions that will help you go from here, anywhere.


Red Hat hosted events

Happy summer!

Our BeNeLux Red Hat team will be back with more events soon. In the meantime you can check out our on-demand webinars and other assets below.

Partner events

Learn from our Red Hat partners


Recap Red Hat Summit sessions by HCS Company

HCS Company will take you through several recap video and demos of our Red Hat Summit Virtual Experience 2020. Watch one or more of the videos about OpenShift virtualisation, Red Hat Managed Integration, DevSecOps, OpenShift Kubernetes Native Infrastructure and many more.

Building blocks for Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift - on demand webinar

Watch this partner webinar by Devoteam for an in-depth look at how to use Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift, including discussion about self-service deployment, fully managed clusters, integration with proven services, and the worldwide availability of Azure. In addition to performing a demo and answering questions, we’ll cover Azure Red Hat OpenShift’s:

  • Architecture and business value.
  • Compliance and security capabilities.
  • Benefits and limitations.

HCS Company

Virtual EventAutomation Inside
Tijdens deze digitale uitzending bekijken en bespreken we twee interessante sessies over CPload en Ansible Modules. In een 50 minuten show komen deze topics uitgebreid aan bod en gaan we met een panel van experts in discussie.

Virtual EventContainerisation Inside
Tijdens deze eerste digitale uitzending van Containerisation Inside bekijken en bespreken we twee interessante sessies over Tekton Pipelines en de OpenShift 4 webconsole. In een 50 minuten show komen deze topics uitgebreid aan bod en gaan we met een panel van experts in discussie.


Webinar:: Great Developer Experience
Watch this webinar by ISAAC to learn all about a great developer experience and how you can achieve it.

Webinar:: Single sign-on solutions: guide to getting the right one
ISAAC will take you through a couple of modern single sign-on solutions, like Red Hat SSO (known as Keycloack), PingID, Auth0 and Amazon Cognito. Watch the recording to hear all about the advantages and disadvantages of the different products on the basis of different types of authentication issues.

Past events & Assets

On-demand webinars and other assets

The Open Organization Webinar Series

Webinar: Understanding an Open Organization
Date: 12 May
Time: 10:00 CET
Watch the recording
Webinar: How Open is your Organization?
Date: 26 May
Time: 10:00 CET
Watch the recording

Tech Day Belgium 2019

During the latest edition of the Red Hat Tech Day in Antwerp on the 5th of February, we invited evangelist, technical speakers, customers and partners to talk about the core of Open Source: Linux. We shared the roadmap, gave you insights into security & identity management and how Linux is the foundation of everything Cloud and DevOps. If you missed it, you can still access presentations from the event.

Een introductie in 21ste eeuws Java development

Vorig voorjaar lanceerden we bij Red Hat het Quarkus project, een project om Java als programmeertaal klaar te maken voor de wereld van microservices, serverless en Kubernetes. Tijdens deze sessie bespreken we onder meer wat Quarkus betekent voor de snelheid waarmee je nieuwe functionaliteit bouwt, uitrolt en opschaalt, en de impact van Quarkus op de footprint van je applicaties.

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