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Gain visibility and control over Kubernetes clusters and applications from a single console

Watch recording from January 27, 2021

As Kubernetes users deploy more clusters to multiple clouds, control and consistent management over those clusters decrease while security risks can increase. Organizations that use Kubernetes may face challenges with ensuring compliance, monitoring usage, and maintaining consistency across environments.

Users can mitigate these challenges with cluster management. Our new product, Red Hat® Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes, controls clusters and applications from a single console, with built-in security policies. It extends the value of Red Hat OpenShift® by deploying apps, managing multiple clusters, and enforcing security and compliance policies across multiple clusters at scale.

Join this webinar to get answers to these questions about Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes:

  • What is it?
  • What key features and technical specifications does it have?
  • What are the key use cases?
  • How can it help you manage Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform?
  • What does the architecture look like?

You’ll also see a demo of the product environment and have a chance to ask questions.

Jimmy Alvarez

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes, Red Hat

Jimmy is an experienced leader across internal organizations with knowledge across Product Management, Sales, Services, Support, and Education teams. With more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry, he has earned roles that have consistently increased in responsibility. These roles were in: systems administration, presales, postsales, and technical marketing. He focuses most of his time on gathering feedback for improving the product as well as creating reusable content that can be consumed by many organizations across the company—attempting to decrease duplicated effort across isolated areas.

Darshana Paithankar

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Darshana supports product marketing, enablement, and go-to-market strategy for Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes as part of the Management business unit. She has worked on global product marketing teams in technical companies such as Emerson Process Management and Cisco and marketed products ranging from management, analytics, infrastructure software, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) products.

Nicholas Chia

Technical Product Manager, Red Hat APAC

At Red Hat APAC, Nicholas is the Technical Product Manager for Management Solutions in the APAC Office of Technology. He spends much of his time engaging his audiences in both the enterprise and community space on Red Hat management and automation capabilities. Nicholas regularly conducts automation workshops and enjoys sharing experiences from his role at community meetups and events around the APAC region including GovWare, Cloud Expo Asia, Security Exchange, and Ansible Automates. His previous tenure includes IBM, RSA, EMC, F5 Networks, and Imperva.