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It’s impossible to plan for everything. But with technologies founded on the enterprise Linux®, you can be prepared for anything. Red Hat’s® broad portfolio equips you for a world that never stands still.

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Bridge your clouds. Build your future.

Odds are, your IT ecosystem sprawls across environments: public and private clouds, bare-metal servers, and virtualized infrastructure. To make the most of them, you need to move nimbly across them.

Red Hat’s hybrid cloud solutions are flexible enough to carry your business forward.

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Why hybrid cloud?

Illustration of Red Hat's approach to hybrid cloud

Because modern IT is hybrid IT. Your enterprise has infrastructure, platforms, apps, and tools from different vendors. Proprietary tools don’t talk to each other, and apps cross clouds slowly, weighed down by data. You need infrastructure, management, and app development that bring your clouds together.

Lufthansa Technik grounds flight delays with Red Hat

How do you reduce flight delays in 100 days? Lufthansa Technik, the commercial airline industry’s largest maintenance provider, did it with hybrid cloud. With Red Hat, Lufthansa Technik built AVIATAR, a digital platform that helps airlines make data-informed scheduling and maintenance decisions.

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300 companies migrated to hybrid cloud. Here’s what they learned.

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Increasingly, enterprises that embraced public cloud are building private clouds, too. For most of them, adopting a hybrid approach is essential to their digital transformation.

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