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INACAP enhances technology training with Red Hat Academy

Chilean National Institute of Vocational Training (INACAP) is a nonprofit higher education institution that provides workplace education. INACAP wanted to expand its remote learning options and further support students' professionalization and job prospects. Through engaging with Red Hat Academy, INACAP offered students Linux course content and access to obtain Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) and Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) status to provide practical, relevant curriculum aligned with industry challenges.

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  • Provided comprehensive, practical training to address industry challenges with relevant skills
  • Adapted instruction to digital and remote learning needs
  • Improved career prospects for students

Delivering innovative, high-quality vocational IT training 

Chilean National Institute of Vocational Training (INACAP) is a nonprofit higher education institution founded in 1966. It provides workplace education based on a learning-by-doing teaching approach. More than 90,000 students are currently enrolled in programs at INACAP’s 28 campuses across Chile.
INACAP helps students develop valuable technical and professional skills through programs ranging from undergraduate degrees to postgraduate qualifications, with an emphasis on continuous education. 

To support its work, INACAP wanted to offer additional instruction, certification, and international accreditations to help students enhance their skills—and their job prospects. The institution also sought to offer additional remote learning options, increasingly in demand in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“At INACAP, we believe that working with technology companies helps improve the quality of our teaching and gives our students the tools they need to face the future,” said Oswaldo Lara, Partnership Officer, INACAP.

Expanding access to technology training and certification with Red Hat

To enhance the vocational education offered through its programs, INACAP became the first Latin American higher education institute to join Red Hat Academy. This program lets educational institutions help its students stay current with industry demands through access to diverse Red Hat Training content, including hands-on labs and performance-based Red Hat Certification exams.

INACAP already offered training and certification on Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, an enterprise open source operating system, for many years. The institution expanded its engagement with Red Hat Academy to offer Linux course content in its IT and telecommunications programs and offer access to obtain Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA®) and Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE®) status with an exam fee discount. A collaboration agreement gives teachers and students additional access to Red Hat resources to develop IT environments and implement a range of industry solutions. 

“Students benefit from content, materials, and access to licenses and applications that help them get the most from their training,” said Lara. “We also encourage our teachers to obtain Red Hat certification and cover the full cost of exams. These offerings help INACAP stand out as one of the best IT training institutions in the region.” 

INACAP now has more than 50 teachers across the country who use resources accessed through Red Hat Academy to train approximately 2,500 students a year. 

Offering a modern technology curriculum to help students build competitive skills with Red Hat products

Provided practical, relevant curriculum aligned with industry challenges

Using the training and other resources through Red Hat Academy, INACAP’s classroom content is based on companies’ actual needs. Concepts are taught through practice-based classes, laboratory sessions, and performance tests. By building practical skills and referencing Red Hat’s enterprise open source implementations, students are better trained to solve real-life problems than with theoretical instruction. 

“The biggest benefit of being part of Red Hat Academy is access to study materials taken directly from industry use cases and architectures,” said Lara.

Many of INACAP’s instructors have also received Red Hat certifications, helping them provide relevant, contextual guidance based on these industry resources to their students.

Improved flexibility to support remote learning

Expanding the availability of digital learning materials with Red Hat Academy means INACAP’s students can learn from any location and no longer need to be physically present for instruction. Remote learning also lets INACAP offer continuous learning programs to alumni who have already entered the workplace. Textbooks are available online or in print, with selected content translated into local languages, as well as integrated tests, questionnaires, and learning management tools.

With this improved flexibility, INACAP was able to switch to fully online learning for all courses during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Even when things get back to normal after the pandemic, remote training will continue to play a major role in the study programs we are developing,” said Lara.

Improved job prospects for students

Achieving Red Hat certification such as RHCSA or RHCE gives INACAP graduates an advantage in highly competitive job markets and industries.

A study by IDC found that staff with Red Hat certifications add value to their organizations through improved productivity and operational efficiency. The study also found that new recruits with Red Hat certifications achieve full productivity faster, stay at companies longer, and perform better.1

Because Red Hat Academy provides industry-ready training, students with certifications may also have better job prospects.

“Being able to now offer exam discounts through the latest Red Hat Academy options helps our students validate their training through internationally recognized accreditations,” said Lara.

Supporting new learning opportunities with Red Hat Academy

INACAP is exploring new ways to take advantage of Red Hat Academy, including participation in the Student Ambassador program where students can work directly with Red Hat to promote the benefits of Red Hat training. Activities include organizing campus events, creating and delivering presentations, and running technical workshops for their peers.

“We are also now supporting Adopt an Academy, a program that lets our faculty work with Red Hat experts to learn about new technologies and educational resources, discover the importance of developing particular skills, and expand resources to other programs, such as professional development for alumni,” said Lara. “Red Hat Academy helps keep our study programs at pace with new, emerging technology developments.”


Chilean National Institute of Vocational Training (INACAP) is a private corporation and higher education institution in Chile, founded in October 1966. The institute plays a leading role in the vocational education subsystem through the INACAP Professional Institute and the INACAP Technical Training Center, and in the university subsystem through the INACAP Chilean Technology University.

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