Red Hat Academy


Red Hat® Academy benefits students and educational institutions alike by offering comprehensive curriculum, hands-on instruction, immersive labs, and performance-based testing. Get the answers to all your questions about how this program fosters mastery of Red Hat technologies.

Understand the why, how, and who of membership

Because we believe that closing the technology skills gap is vital to the future of enterprise software, we offer Red Hat Academy membership at no cost to qualifying educational institutions.

To gain Red Hat Academy membership, your institution should meet these qualifications:

  • Must be formally accredited by a public or other governing body
  • Must be a degree-, diploma-, and certificate-granting institution
  • Must be a non-profit institution that does not charge students on a per-class basis to receive Red Hat training
  • Must deliver Red Hat Academy curriculum across multiple weeks of training

Visit the Red Hat Academy home and start your application by clicking on the “Apply today” button at the top of the page. Use your Red Hat Network ID to get started on submitting your membership application. You can create an account if you don’t already have one.

Upon submission of your application, you will receive an automated confirmation email. In most cases, your application will be reviewed and processed within five (5) business days.

No, but when you download access to the free developer subscription of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the subscription comes with entitlements and access to the knowledgebase.

Yes, students are provided a certificate upon successfully completing the course. Please contact your instructor to receive your certificate.

Learn the details institutions need to know

We have a number of features that allow our program to benefit your students and your institution:

  • Easy online enrollment for qualifying institutions—at no cost
  • Well-rounded curriculum designed to position students for cutting-edge IT jobs
  • Discounted Red Hat exams for instructors (75% discount) and students (50% discount)
  • Multiple courseware formats, including e-book, print, or HTML versions
  • Flexible lab options to help your institution accommodate your students
  • Instructor training through no-cost video classroom courses
  • Globally standardized materials available through the web-based Red Hat Academy portal and order process
  • Availability of content in nine (9) languages
  • Access to the Red Hat Learning Community, which introduces students and instructors to subject matter experts on Red Hat technologies, curriculum, and industry trends

Instructors will receive access to our video classroom course content for the courses they are teaching or planning to teach, in addition to a supplementary instructor guide for each of the courses offered.

Although it is not required, we also recommend and encourage instructors to become certified by taking advantage of the 75% discount offered through Red Hat Academy.

You can send an email to your Red Hat Academy regional manager to request the discount code that can be applied during purchase.

The certification is only available in the individual exam format through Red Hat Academy. Learn more about individual exams to get more details and to find a location near you.

If your institution has purchased and installed a Red Hat individual exams setup from Red Hat, you can offer exams on campus. Please contact your Red Hat Academy regional manager for additional information.

After you register with Red Hat Academy successfully, the welcome email from Gilmore Global includes student and faculty registration links that can be used for additional registrations. These links are unique to your institution, and each user must be approved by your institution’s designated approver before being allowed to register or access the portal.

Your membership will renew automatically until you opt out of the program or unless Red Hat is forced to terminate the membership due to violation of program guidelines.

Review our curriculum and lab offerings

Our curriculum is built with input from development, support, and field consulting teams to help educational institutions keep pace with IT industry demands. The curriculum offers hands-on instruction across platform, middleware, and cloud technologies, giving students the opportunity to learn practical skills based on use cases from thousands of enterprise implementations.

Unlike generic, distribution-agnostic Linux offerings, our curriculum is based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, the perceived market leader for current and new application deployments.

No, Red Hat Academy’s course content and certifications are exactly the same as those offered by Red Hat Training and Certification.

We offer three different lab solutions:

  1. Do-it-yourself (no fee)
  2. Cloud (fee)
  3. Partner (no fee)

Upon successful registration, you will be provided with file transfer protocol (FTP) credentials by Gilmore Global. These credentials change every month and allow you to download our lab images and deploy them on your systems.

During installation, if you need technical support, please email our support team and a representative will respond to your request. If the password provided does not work, please send an email to request help.

The cloud lab deployment is available for a fee per user, for a defined duration, and we will recommend one of our many partner lab service providers, such as NDG. Cloud service solutions provide a hosted lab web service using the internet to access the labs associated with Red Hat Academy courses.

Depending on your existing partnership with a lab provider, this deployment option is offered at no additional cost. Red Hat Academy works with several partners who provide hands-on lab services to global institutions delivering IT academy programs.

If you currently have an IT academy program that uses hardware and services to teach courses in your institution, it is possible that you are already able to deploy Red Hat labs.

Before you download the lab images, review the minimum system requirements to ensure you meet the installation parameters.

Get up to speed on our courseware options

Through the Red Hat Academy web store hosted by authorized Red Hat partner Gilmore Global, student courseware is available in three formats:

  1. E-books (fee)
  2. Printed books (fee)
  3. HTML5 (no fee)

Please refer to the table to review the features of each of these formats.








Delivery Format

Soft copy

Soft copy

Hard copy


✓ 6 months of access online
✓ The content is available online only
✓ Cannot be downloaded or printed

✓ 1 year of access online
✓ Permanently available if downloaded using the Bookshelf app
Print up to 5 pages of the book at a time

Personal copy to keep for life


Navigate by chapter
Mobile browser friendly

Navigate by table of contents, pagination buttons, scroll by page
Search by criteria
Add notes for future reference or highlight any section of text, color code them too
Desktop Bookshelf app - Windows, MAC, Chromebook
Mobile Bookshelf app - Android, iOS & Kindle

Tangible, but not eco-friendly


Email and phone support (U.S. Eastern Standard time only)

Email and phone support (U.S. Eastern Standard time only)

Not applicable

For e-books and HTML5-based books, students or instructors will need to place an order using the Red Hat Academy web store to receive a redemption or license code via email. Once activated, the e‑book is available for one year of online access unless permanently downloaded to a personal computer using the eVantage application, while the HTML5-based book is available online for a period of six (6) months and cannot be printed, annotated, or viewed offline.

For course materials delivered in HTML5 format, you will need an account created through the Gilmore Global’s Red Hat Academy learning portal using the code provided in your order confirmation email.

Course materials delivered through the e-book format are redeemed using the eVantage platform. After logging in and creating an account, you will be prompted to redeem the code you received in your order confirmation email. E-book materials can be viewed offline through Bookshelf software that can be installed on up to two computers and two mobile devices.

Please note the return policy: Gilmore Global will not accept returns of printed books unless damaged in transit. Only e-book license codes that have not been redeemed are eligible for cancellation or return, subject to terms and conditions.

You can locate HTML and e-book user guides in multiple languages through the Red Hat Academy web store. Once you are logged in, visit the Reference Material > Getting Started section.

Find the service and support you need

Once registration is processed, the primary contact will receive an email with the login credentials for the Red Hat Academy web store.

Order processing: All orders are processed and printed upon receipt, and orders that are placed before 12 p.m. U.S. Eastern Standard Time will ship within two (2) business days after order placement.

If you’re having difficulty with finding what you need through the Red Hat Academy web store, send an email or contact us at +1 800-795-6661 or +1 613-599-6065 during web store hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., U.S. Eastern Standard Time).

Your web store account will be deactivated after 180 days of non-usage. If you need to re-activate your account, please send an email with your account details.

If you forgot your password, you can reset it through the web store.

Depending on your region, send an email to one of these teams:

Start your Red Hat Academy experience