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Red Hat® Academy benefits students and educational institutions alike by offering comprehensive curriculum, hands-on instruction, immersive labs, and performance-based testing. Get the answers to all your questions about how this program fosters mastery of Red Hat technologies.

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Understand the why, how, and who of membership

Because we believe that closing the technology skills gap is vital to the future of enterprise software, we offer Red Hat Academy membership at no cost to qualifying educational institutions.

To gain Red Hat Academy membership, your institution should meet these qualifications:

  • Must be formally accredited by a public or other governing body
  • Must be a degree-, diploma-, and certificate-granting institution and Red Hat Academy curriculum may only be used for degree-seeking students
  • Must be a non-profit institution that does not charge students on a per-class basis to receive Red Hat training
  • Must deliver Red Hat Academy curriculum across multiple weeks of training
  • For peer-to-peer learning institutions, classes must be created by qualified professors (Red Hat Academy Instructors)

Visit the Red Hat Academy home page and start your application by clicking on the “Apply today” button at the top of the page. Use your Red Hat Network ID to get started on submitting your membership application. You can create Red Hat Login if you don’t already have one using your email address associated with your academic institution.

Upon submission of your application, you will receive an automated confirmation email. In most cases, your application will be reviewed and processed within five (5) business days.

No, but when you download access to the free developer subscription of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the subscription comes with entitlements and access to the knowledgebase.

Yes, students are provided a certificate of attendance upon successfully completing the course. To receive a certificate, you must complete a percentage of your course, as determined by your instructor.

Learn the details institutions need to know

The Red Hat Academy Learning Platform offers an enhanced user experience that includes the ability to manage your classes and access verified Red Hat training materials. We have a number of features that allow our program to benefit your students and your institution:

  • Easy online enrollment for qualifying institutions at no cost
  • Well-rounded curriculum designed to position students for cutting-edge IT jobs
  • Discounted Red Hat exams for instructors (75% discount) and students (50% discount)
  • Standardized materials available through the web-based Red Hat Academy Learning Platform
  • Flexible lab options, including no-cost cloud labs, to help your institution accommodate your students
  • Instructor training through no-cost self paced courses
  • Availability of content in up to nine (9) languages
  • Onboarding video tutorials and resources to support teaching Red Hat courses and growing familiar with our program features
  • Access to the Red Hat Learning Community, which introduces students and instructors to subject matter experts on Red Hat technologies, curriculum, and industry trends
  • Student access to the Red Hat Academy Talent Network, which leads students to a talent recruitment pipeline built of Red Hatters, our partners and customers

If your institution has purchased and installed a Red Hat individual exams setup from Red Hat, you can offer exams on campus. Please contact your Red Hat Academy regional manager for additional information.

After you register with Red Hat Academy successfully, the Academy Administrator will receive a welcome email that prompts him or her to create an account and add additional instructors teaching Red Hat courses at the institution.

Each new instructor will receive a welcome email to login and create their account. Once an instructor account has been created, the instructor can then create new classes and add students on the Red Hat Academy Learning Platform.

Your membership will renew automatically until you opt out of the program or unless Red Hat is forced to terminate the membership due to violation of program guidelines.

Through our Adopt an Academy program, we connect our Red Hat Academy partners with Red Hat associates in an effort to build relationships with instructors, students, and the community. Red Hatters can use their industry and technical expertise to better enable instructors and students across academic institutions by leading guest lectures, joining advisory boards, heading up workshops, and providing student mentorship. This program can help further adoption of Red Hat technologies and bring our content to life for your students.

If you want to connect with a Red Hat associate to assist with an engagement at your Red Hat Academy institution, please have your Academy Administrator express interest within their role under the Red Hat Academy Learning Platform "Get Support" tab.

The Red Hat Academy tiering program offers benefits designed to assist you in further expanding your program within your institution and the educational community. Find the more details here.

Red Hat Digital Credential Program celebrates your active program participation through the Credly. Institutions actively participating in the Red Hat Academy program are issued a digital badge depending on their Tiering level alongside with a Partnership Certificate. Both can be shared on social media.

For more information review the digital credential program FAQ here.

Red Hat Academy Talent Network connects students who have completed Red Hat Academy training with employers from Red Hat and our partners and customers around the world, creating a pool of enterprise-ready talent for the jobs of tomorrow.

Students can join the Red Hat Academy Talent Network by continuing as a “Student” and following the prompts to create their profile.The registration is available only to Red Hat Academy students who are enrolled or have taken a Red Hat course through the Red Hat Academy Learning Platform.

See the Talent Network infographic here.

Browse information for instructors and students

Instructors receive free access to self-paced training courses, support from regional representatives, onboarding video tutorials and supplementary instructor guides for each of the courses offered.

We also recommend and encourage instructors to prove their knowledge and skills by taking the Red Hat certification exam associated with the Red Hat Academy courses being taught, taking advantage of our 75% discount. The Red Hat Academy Learning Platform also offers video tutorials that show instructors and students how to best use the platform during their course, including tips on navigating the interface and taking advantage of the latest features.

Our platform allows instructors to create classes and enroll students, utilize cloud lab environments, and access to Red Hat materials supplementing classroom training. In addition, instructors can access no cost self-paced content and supplementary instructor guides for each of the courses offered.

The portal offers students the ease and simplicity of accessing course content all in one place. Within the portal, students are able to consume course materials, labs and prepare for their upcoming exams.

The Red Hat Academy Student Ambassador Program provides the opportunity for motivated and passionate students to work directly with our Red Hat team to cultivate the success of the Red Hat Academy program on campus. Student Ambassadors will build upon their leadership and entrepreneurial skills to organize campus events, arrange industry presentations, and lead technical workshops that foster excitement around Red Hat technologies among their classmates.

Students interested in the Student Ambassador program should engage with their instructors who nominate them through the Application form.

The Red Hat Learning Community is a collaborative learning environment open to anyone with an interest in open source technologies. Members can connect, ask questions, share resources, join discussions, earn badges, and contribute best practices. These and other activities will help you stay updated on the tools and documentation that supplement your individual learning goals.

We’ve created a Red Hat Academy community of instructors, students, and Red Hatters within the Red Hat Learning Community, where we encourage dialogue around our courses, program features, and other topics. Join the Red Hat Academy discussion forum today to share your insights.

Review our curriculum and lab offerings

Our curriculum is built by Red Hat’s Curriculum team with input from development, support, and field consulting teams to help educational institutions keep pace with IT industry demands. The curriculum offers hands-on instruction across platform, middleware, DevOps and cloud technologies, giving students the opportunity to learn practical skills based on use cases from thousands of enterprise implementations.

Unlike generic, distribution-agnostic Linux offerings, our curriculum is based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, the recognized market leader for current and new application deployments.

No, Red Hat Academy’s course content and certifications are exactly the same as those offered by Red Hat Training and Certification.

We offer three different lab solutions:

  1. Cloud (no fee)
  2. Do-it-yourself (no fee)
  3. Partner (fee)

Instructions on how to access the lab images are available in the Red Hat Academy Learning Platform within the “Access Resources” tab, under both Academy Administrator and Instructor roles.

For your environment to support the do-it-yourself lab option, your environment must support nested virtualization. During installation, if you need technical support, please email our team and a representative will respond to your request.

The cloud lab deployment is available for all courses in our portfolio through Red Hat Academy Learning Platform at no cost. Students can access the no cost cloud lab option under “Access Courses and Assignments”, then clicking “Launch” for the course they are taking.

Red Hat Academy works with several partners who provide hands-on lab services to global institutions delivering IT academy programs.

If you currently have an IT academy program that uses hardware and services to teach courses in your institution, it is possible that you are already able to deploy Red Hat labs.

Before you download the lab images, review the minimum system requirements to ensure you meet the installation parameters.

Get up to speed on our courseware options

Through the Red Hat Academy Learning Platform, student courseware is available online at no cost. Students can access courseware during the duration of the course.

Within the Red Hat Academy Learning Platform, students will gain immediate access to the online courseware under the Access Courses and Assignments, as assigned by their instructor for the course(s) they are enrolled in.

Learn more about our certification exams

Currently, we offer below exams through Red Hat Academy program:



Preliminary Exam in Red Hat System Administration I (PE124)

Red Hat System Administrator I (RH124)

Preliminary Exam in Red Hat OpenShift Administration (PE180)

Red Hat OpenShift Administration I: Containers & Kubernetes (DO180)

Preliminary Exam in Red Hat OpenStack Administration (PE110)

Red Hat OpenStack Administration I (CL110)

Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA®) exam (EX200)

Red Hat System Administrator II (RH134)

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam (EX294)

Red Hat System Administrator III (RH294)

Red Hat Certified Specialist in Containers exam (EX188)

Red Hat OpenShift Development I: Introduction to Containers with Podman (DO188)

Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer (RHCEAD) exam (EX183)

Red Hat Application Development I: Programming in Java EE (AD183)

See the difference between preliminary and certification exams here.

Students, while progressing through a course, receive a notification via email once becoming eligible for a particular exam. Purchase needs to be completed in LMS (Learning Management System) and the discount is automatically applied in the cart at the checkout. Students are to follow the instructions in the received communication.

To receive a discount, students need to be enrolled in a RHA Learning Platform class which has at least 5 students and complete at least 50% of the course content over a period of 5 weeks or more.

Instructors can request a discount on the RHA Learning Platform in the Get Trained & Certified section. To receive a discount, instructors need to deliver at least 1 class for at least 5 students in the last 12 months where students actively consume content.

You can choose between remote access and testing station - check out ways to test to learn more.

Find the service and support you need

Depending on your region, send an email to one of these teams:

Start your Red Hat Academy experience