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Immerse your team in the best of open source tools, methods, and culture to transform your IT department from a cost center to a source for innovation. Transform your organizational culture, speed up your next application development project, and make DevOps a reality.

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What is Open Innovation Labs?

Open Innovation Labs is an intensive, highly focused residency for 3 to 6 of your developers to learn how to build applications the Red Hat Way. In an environment designed to catalyze innovation, we’ll help your team make use of innovative open source technologies to rapidly build prototypes, experience DevOps, and adopt agile workflows.


  • Rapidly build prototypes with a push-button infrastructure that allows feature development from day 1.
  • Accelerate feature releases with continuous delivery using an automated deployment pipeline.
  • Access the full Red Hat® portfolio for developing and testing on modular platforms.

Immerse your team

  • Work side-by-side with experts in a residency-style engagement
  • Design and develop using impact mapping and event storming, hand-in-hand with our team
  • Get ongoing mentoring and collaboration from the Labs team, and the engineers at the heart of Red Hat’s products.

Catalyze innovation

  • Bring modern application development tools, methods, and skills back to the business to jump-start a new way of delivering software
  • Learn a scalable method for collaboration and return home ready to share an agile and lean DevOps strategy.
  • Migrate your completed work to your organization quickly and seamlessly.

Collaborating with UNICEF to develop software for social good

A lack of information access for schools is an issue all over the world. To address this challenge, UNICEF Innovation engaged with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs in an 8-week residency to create a proof of concept.

See how the team used open tools and processes to innovate, iterate, and impact the ability to map schools on a global scale—and learn how you can get involved.

Is your team ready to innovate?

To compete in today's market, you need more than technology. Measure your organization's cultural, process, and platform maturity and learn the steps you need to take on your path to digital transformation.

Get started on day 1 with our
push-button infrastructure

Use our interactive menu to mix and match services, tools, and infrastructure to create your own, customized, Open Innovation Lab technology stack to meet your application development needs.

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We are open

Getting started with Open Innovation Labs


Candidates for Red Hat Open Innovation Labs are teams of developers, system administrators, and IT managers who are flexible, creative, and open-minded.


Red Hat Open Innovation Labs can help your team understand the open source approach to development, agile workflows, and how these combine with open source tools to define a DevOps strategy.


Open Innovation Labs are located in Boston, London, Singapore, and anywhere you want. Come to us or we’ll bring the Labs to you.

Experience an environment designed to give you the best that open source offers. We are open.

Open Innovation Labs in action

Like most things in IT, we need it done yesterday... we’ve taken advantage of Open Innovation Labs. They’ve been at the heart—helping us build the bridge between applications & infrastructure. Truly creating a game changing service for us.

John Hodgson, Senior Director, IT Program Management, Optum.

With Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, Swiss medical company, easiER AG, was able to build 2 mobile apps with 3 developers and 1 designer in just 4 weeks.

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At Red Hat, when we talk about "open source," we're talking about a proven way of collaborating to create technology. The freedom to see the code, to learn from it, to ask questions and offer improvements: This is the open source way.

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Open Innovation Labs' agile approach is focused on rapid iteration, regular prioritization, and continuous delivery through automation and cross-team collaboration. Teams focus on delivering value in hours, not weeks, by adopting a mature DevOps strategy.

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At Open Innovation Labs, open source tools and automation form the foundation of our push-button enterprise infrastructure. Built on containers—powered by Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and automated with Ansible by Red Hat— our stack can be deployed in less than an hour, allowing you to get started immediately.

Prepare for the future

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Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

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How we automate everything at Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

In this two-part demo, you will learn about the technologies we use at Labs to accelerate modern application development the open source way, and how we use Ansible to automatically provision a soup-to-nuts environment for modern application development.

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This two-part series details Juana Nakfour's work at the Labs to capture mobile application development innovations in a useful, repeatable way. Part one breaks down the steps to create and unit test a native Android application using Red Hat’s Mobile Application Platform.


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