Success story

Amadeus uses a new agile platform to improve the travel experience


Fast facts

Industry: IT consulting and services
Region: EMEA
Headquarters: Madrid, Spain
Company size: 13,000 employees

Innovation is what removes barriers and opens new horizons. The solution that we have built with Amadeus Cloud Services using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is an extremely good example of how innovation changes the game.



As the demands of travelers grow more complex, companies in the travel industry must constantly raise the bar. To do this, they rely on Amadeus, a leading provider of advanced technology solutions within the global travel industry. But recently Amadeus needed a more powerful and agile computing platform. Amadeus chose Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform, formerly known as OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat, as the foundation for its new application infrastructure. This new platform, Amadeus Cloud Services, enables better customer service, increased platform availability, streamlined operations, and reduced time to market for new services.

Amadeus is a 2016 Red Hat Innovation Awards winner

Amadeus innovates with Red Hat

Amadeus chose Red Hat solutions as the foundation for its new application infrastructure to streamline operations and reduce time to market.

The path to success

Challenge: Support travel companies with a better technology platform

Amadeus' technology keeps the travel industry at the top of its game. But it needed to innovate to mitigate risk, meet regulatory requirements, serve travelers better, and improve service to its customers—who span the spectrum from airlines to hotels. Specifically, many of its customers requested applications they could run on site, distribute over multiple datacenters, or access through cloud platforms. “We needed a state­-of­-the­-art computing platform that would improve our customers' performance,” said Christophe Defayet, director of software development, security, and communication systems at Amadeus. “As a trusted partner to the travel industry, our technology must help customers meet the increasingly complex demands of travelers around the world.”

Case study

Amadeus innovates customer service with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Solution: Build on existing partnership with Red Hat

Amadeus decided that its best approach would be to reuse and unify its existing IT assets using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, a Platform­-as­-a­-Service (PaaS) offering. An important factor in Amadeus’ decision was its previous successes with Red Hat technology. “Innovation is what removes barriers and opens new horizons,” said Olaf Schnapauff, chief technology officer, global operations, at Amadeus. “The solution that we have built with Amadeus Cloud Services using OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat is an extremely good example of how innovation changes the game.”

Results: Deliver a better travel experience worldwide

With Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Amadeus better serves its travel industry customers. It has increased speed and efficiency and now rapidly adapts to peak usage and new application deployment. It has streamlined operations by automating routine management and administration tasks. And it has reduced time to market for new applications. The net result is that Amadeus can deliver better and faster solutions to customers with Amadeus Cloud Services—and improve the experience for travelers on land, sea, and air. “Red Hat helps Amadeus shape the future of travel,” said Schnapauff.

Red Hat’s commitment to us, from the top executives to the engineers and developers, has been a key contributor to our success.