Success Story

Omnitracs innovates fleet-management app with cloud platform


Omnitracs helps businesses improve their transportation assets with innovative fleet management solutions including efficient routing, monitoring, and compliance, managing nearly 1.1 million trucking assets in more than 70 countries. To improve cost effectiveness and prepare for industry innovation, Omnitracs teamed up with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs and modernized its systems and processes. Omnitracs shifted from traditional methodologies to cloud-native development practices and skills that directly improved time to market, quality (reliability, scalability, and security), innovation, and market positioning for their fleet management app, Omnitracs One.



The key result from our successful collaboration with Red Hat is how we now approach technology as well as people and processes.

Kent Norton

Chief Technology Officer, Omnitracs


Modernize app development technologies to reestablish market leadership

Omnitracs sought enterprise cloud technology backed by an experienced, responsive vendor that could not only share software best practices but also support the company’s shift to more collaborative, inclusive, and open practices. To stay current with industry trends and deliver the next generation of fleet management solutions, Omnitracs wanted to create a cloud-native, scalable mobile platform that would connect drivers, office staff, and customers. To complement this technology shift, the company sought to adopt more iterative, agile development approaches that would help Omnitracs reduce costs and respond to customer needs faster.



Switch to a cloud-native platform

Working with Red Hat Services, Omnitracs developed a comprehensive transformation strategy for its technology and development practices, including Red Hat Training and two 8-week residencies at Red Hat Open Innovation Labs. This hands-on experience, led by Red Hat Consulting, included workshops and other activities to help Omnitracs efficiently begin its shift to modern tools and practices—including lean agile development, integrated DevSecOps, creating a safe environment for change, and product portfolio management.

Business outcome

Redefined business strategy with collaborative practices

By adopting container technology and iterative development practices to create Omnitracs One, Omnitracs has built a scalable, reliable platform that streamlines management for fleets of all sizes—and can adapt to future needs for years to come. The platform currently supports more than 15,000 customer vehicles and manages 59 billion data transactions annually. Now, Omnitracs has a clear roadmap to ongoing success. The company appointed an agile coach and has aligned projects with corporate goals to take advantage of the momentum gained during the project and continue innovating with its new cloud, container, and automation technology.

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