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Rising costs and tight budgets are nothing new for educators—at every level—but community-powered, open innovation offers fresh solutions to longterm challenges.

All under 1 roof

Consolidating your IT infrastructure is a major priority for K-12 and colleges alike. At the same time, you have to avoid vendor-lock in, reduce costs, and create scalable and sustainable IT environments.

Open source technology, such as Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and Red Hat Virtualization, breaks down these challenges by providing the ideal platform for large and small-scale consolidation deployments, based on common operating environments and standards.

But we don’t just help you consolidate IT. The Red Hat Academic Discount program also ensures you get more IT for your money. Benefit from campus-wide subscriptions across all departments, based on your Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) count. Run the solutions you need, enjoy free upgrades, fixes, enhancements, maintenance, and more—all at a fixed price for a designated term.

Red Hat solutions are ready-made for education and learning:

  • Scale your operations flexibly and efficiently with enterprise software that’s been tested to work across multiple environments and departments.
  • Stop worrying about counting servers where Red Hat Enterprise Linux is deployed—use as much as you like.
  • Bring consistency to your infrastructure to lower costs for operations and training.
  • Centrally manage your entire virtual environment.
  • Get ready for the cloud with greater agility, portability, and at a lower cost than proprietary solutions.

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Get ready for a better cloud

Higher education institutions use cloud computing to achieve large-scale efficiencies without sacrificing performance.

However, with the proliferation of low-cost, out-of-the-box solutions, departments and individuals can engage a cloud service without the approval or even the knowledge of the IT department. This creates serious security issues and limits the economies of scale and better governance that cloud computing makes possible. It's harder to make disjointed technologies work within and between institutions when departments are off “doing their own thing.” It’s also harder to ensure effective delivery of services, which in turn leads to increased IT costs.

Choosing the right cloud provider is absolutely essential.

Red Hat cloud solutions can help IT regain control and visibility over your cloud strategy while giving users the flexibility they need to innovate.

View Red Hat's complete portfolio of cloud solutions.

Under budget and overachieving

Caught between rising costs and shrinking budgets, you need a more flexible, cost-efficient model for the next generation of education services.

With Red Hat, cutting costs doesn't mean cutting services. We provide advanced, reliable open source cloud, virtualization, storage, Linux, and middleware technologies and services that let you do more with less.

The Red Hat Academic Discount program makes it easy to get started. You get the simplicity of a subscription pricing model, based on your Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) count. These subscriptions provide the solutions and support you need for people, not devices, at a fixed price for the duration of your term.

In addition, and available exclusively to the education sector, the new Advanced Technology Site Subscription provides unlimited campus distribution of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Virtualization, Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat OpenStack Platform, and Red Hat Storage subscriptions all at a fixed unit price. Each of these solutions are built by Red Hat to work together seamlessly without the complications of a multi-vendor architecture.

Scale your infrastructure without scaling up your costs:

  • Save big over more costly proprietary virtualization software with Red Hat Virtualization.
  • Use the resources you already have for positive ROI with our cloud portfolio.
  • Reduce annual TCO with Red Hat Enterprise Linux compared to Windows environments.
  • Manage exponential data growth at a fraction of the cost with Red Hat Gluster Storage.
  • Replace overpriced middleware with Red Hat JBoss® Middleware.
  • Use pre-built, open source foundations to quickly and easily develop applications instead of starting from scratch.
  • Become more innovative, more agile, and more cost-effective by building on the collaborative efforts of your peers in open source communities.

Learn how the University of Basque Country controlled costs with Red Hat Gluster Storage.

Modernize your IT

Everyone has a legacy modernization plan, and for good reason; application modernization is a must for lowering costs and improving service delivery. But modernization isn’t easy. It’s fraught with challenges and roadblocks. You need building blocks that are agile, flexible, and customizable to quickly meet your needs.

We can help you identify opportunities to modernize and provide open technologies and frameworks to make that happen.

  • Rapidly modernize legacy education and operational applications with Red Hat JBoss Middleware and migrate them to reliable, web-based platforms in weeks versus months.
  • Deliver an agile and flexible cloud application environment with OpenShift by Red Hat, our award-winning Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) solution.
  • Provide for enhanced interoperability and flexibility with other technology vendors.
  • Take advantage of Red Hat's consulting services, which specialize in migration projects that help enterprises modernize. Rather than you investing your staff in 1-time skill sets, we have the experts and methodology to move applications and systems to modern platforms and let you focus on running your university business.

Read how Nanyang Technological University upgraded to an open hybrid cloud infrastructure with Red Hat.

Red Hat academy

Red Hat Academy gives education programs in high schools and higher education institutions worldwide the technology and support to offer a Linux academic curriculum designed for hands-on instruction and performance-based testing.

The demand for proven Linux knowledge and skills continues to soar. A 100% web-deployed and web-managed curriculum, Red Hat Academy outfits schools with hands-on instruction, curriculum and labs, performance-based testing, and educator support—all the essential elements to help you start and sustain a Linux curriculum program.

Read this datasheet to learn more about Red Hat Academy

The Red Hat Academy curriculum is offered across many of Red Hat’s most popular platform, middleware, and cloud technologies. Courses are available in North America and select European and Asia-Pacific countries. Contact your Red Hat Training representative for a complete list of course titles in your region.

Red Hat academy partners

What do Vanderbilt University, the University of Stirling in Scotland, and Yuba K-12 School District in Northern California have in common? Along with thousands of other institutions around the world, they've chosen Red Hat to enable their IT infrastructures and encourage students to learn in new and exciting ways.

Key benefits of the Red Hat Academy Partnership:

  • Comprehensive web-based and mobile-friendly textbooks, with select content available in local languages
  • Integrated tests and quizzes
  • Robust lab environment with self-checking feature
  • Student management utilities
  • Instructor training
  • Certification exam vouchers
  • Red Hat email support
  • Access to Red Hat communities and employment connections on Certification Central

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