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As the bridge between the community and the enterprise, Red Hat helps federal agencies:

  • Consolidate and optimize IT resources securely and cost-effectively.
  • Build fully interoperable, open hybrid cloud infrastructures that work with existing investments.
  • Simplify and accelerate the development, deployment, and management of critical applications.
  • Connect disparate data, systems, and applications to turn big data into actionable information.
  • Reuse and re-deploy solutions for common problems, driving innovation and economies of scale.

Meet your challenges head on

A leaner, meaner datacenter

The federal government's datacenter consolidation is in full swing, so the pressure is on for an infrastructure that performs today with an eye toward the future. One that's flexible. One that's portable. One that cuts costs without cutting performance. And one that does it all without locking you into one vendor's vision of the future.

Meet Cloud First head-on

The Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) Cloud First mandate is pushing you to make the move, and it makes sense—the cloud can help get more out of your capacity, improve IT flexibility, and minimize cost. But the decisions you make now can affect your agency for years and decades to come.

In a field full of cloud providers, Red Hat's® cloud solutions can give you flexibility that others can't. Unlike other approaches, Red Hat gives you the freedom to choose. Our solutions can be deployed on your choice of infrastructure to work with the resources you already have—no need to rip and replace. And the Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider Program offers you public cloud resources with on-premise quality.

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Enhanced service delivery

Even as you struggle to improve your economic footing, demands for new applications are constantly changing. Time to productivity is critical.

But getting new applications developed, deployed, and managed puts a strain on already tight budgets, and your staff and other resources are already stretched thin.

The Red Hat JBoss® Middleware portfolio of lightweight, cloud-friendly, enterprise-grade products lets developers work more efficiently and deploy applications and services faster.

Military-grade security for peace of mind

Red Hat is committed to providing secure and stable software that can be easily used for data-sensitive environments.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux: A leader in government security standards

Red Hat Enterprise Linux® is the industry's most certified operating system available today and meets stringent federal security requirements for confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Military-grade virtualized and cloud infrastructures

Our cloud and virtualization solutions meet a range of important federal security assurance requirements including FedRAMP, Common Criteria EAL 4+, and more.

The security mechanisms at the heart of Red Hat Virtualization—sVirt and SELinux (co-developed with the NSA)—provide kernel-level protection against hypervisor and guest exploits. Red Hat Virtualization is Common Criteria EAL 4+-certified. This certification delivers a common security posture; you don't have to choose between open source innovation and security compliance when both come standard.

For a complete list of Red Hat's government information assurance and security accreditations and certifications, learn more about our government standards.

From big data to better data

Big data can be incredibly valuable, with the potential to provide operational and analytical insights that combat fraud, improve emergency response, and democratize information.

But you know that it takes more than just data to get results—you need the tools that can put data to work for you, without creating another silo.

Red Hat offers a host of solutions to make big data actionable:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux—Designed for high performance, reliability, fine-grained resource management and scale-out storage, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the ideal platform for big data deployments. Develop, integrate, and secure big data applications reliably and with scale in mind. Use the cloud to easily store, aggregate, normalize, and integrate data from sources across multiple platforms.
  • Red Hat Gluster Storage—Built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the proven GlusterFS distributed file system, Red Hat Gluster Storage can be used to pool inexpensive commodity servers to provide a cost-effective, scalable, and reliable storage solution for big data.
  • Red Hat Virtualization—Fully integrated with Red Hat Gluster Storage, Red Hat Virtualization seamlessly accesses the secure, shared storage pool managed by the storage server. Get reduced costs, greater portability, choice of infrastructure, scalability, availability, and the power of community-driven innovation.
  • Red Hat OpenStack® Platform—Support big data applications that demand substantial computing and storage resources with the combined benefits of Red Hat's OpenStack technology, Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The OpenStack® Word Mark and OpenStack Logo are either registered trademarks / service marks or trademarks / service marks of the OpenStack Foundation, in the United States and other countries and are used with the OpenStack Foundation's permission. We are not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by the OpenStack Foundation or the OpenStack community.

We believe in using and contributing back to open source software as a way of making it easier for the government to share data, improve tools and service, and return value to taxpayers.


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