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Modernize your network infrastructure by migrating to a virtualized infrastructure. Virtualizing network functions help you speed up development, save money, and scale to meet demand.

What is NFV?

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is a software-based solution that helps telecommunications service providers move beyond traditional, proprietary hardware to achieve greater efficiency and agility—and reduce operations costs.

NFV is a key enabler for 5G infrastructures. NFV combines advanced virtualization of network functions with the automation capabilities of cloud computing platforms.

Red Hat’s® NFV solution is the result of our leading contributions to the OpenStack®, KVM, and DPDK projects. And it’s further strengthened by our vast ecosystem of certified partners.

Our NFV solution is open source and standards-based, giving you a stable, interoperable foundation to build on.

As service providers modernize their networks, they are moving workloads and services out of the core network (in data centers) towards the network’s edge: around points of presence and central offices. From here, services can be delivered to subscribers more efficiently: with lower latency and higher bandwidth.

At Red Hat we believe virtualizing central offices, one of the last physical interfaces for service delivery, will help service providers reach the goal of deploying services at the network edge. In partnership with network equipment providers and independent software vendors, Red Hat  launched Red Hat Virtual Central Office (VCO) at OpenStack Summit in Berlin in November (2018).

Business of telecommunications

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Virtual central office

Red Hat is implementing a mobile architecture for its cloud-native, open, disaggregated approach to the virtual central office (VCO).

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New solutions for edge services

A discussion of the use cases that demand real-time processing and communication between distributed endpoints, creating the need for efficient processing at the network edge.

Technology for service providers

Virtualize your central office to gain flexibility and boost innovation

The Red Hat virtual central office (CO) solution combines modern cloud and container platforms with advanced automation and management tools to form an ideal foundation for agile, innovative, and cost-effective COs.

Scalable, high-performance NFV

Take advantage of everything network functions virtualization offers with a platform from Red Hat.

Virtualize your network with an open foundation

Learn how an NFV infrastructure from Red Hat and Intel can help CSPs deliver faster while lowering infrastructure costs.

NFV performance benchmark for mobile packet core

Affirmed Networks and Red Hat tested an NFV solution for mobile packet core functions. Results demonstrate flexibility and scalability while establishing a new benchmark.

Gluster and QCT

See how to use clusters of x86-based servers and Red Hat Gluster Storage for petabyte scalability.

OpenStack storage for dummies

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Dump dedicated hardware with vRAN

Red Hat and Altiostar offer a virtualized radio access network (vRAN) solution that can help service providers reduce network costs.

Software-defined storage and Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT)

Learn about the use cases for software-defined storage, containerized applications, and NFV on OpenStack®

Hyperconverged infrastructure for cloud

See how CSPs are consolidating and gaining efficiency through hyperconverged infrastructure.

The products you need for network modernization

Red Hat OpenStack Platform

A secure, scalable platform for building public and private clouds.

Red Hat CloudForms

A comprehensive IaaS cloud management platform that improves your virtual and cloud infrastructures with advanced capacity planning and resource management features.

Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform is a simple, agentless platform for building IT automation at scale. Centralize and control your IT infrastructure with a visual dashboard, role-based access control, and more.

Red Hat Gluster Storage

Open, software-defined file storage that combines reliable Red Hat software with x86 commodity hardware, eliminating the need for high-cost proprietary storage systems.

Partners that support our NFV and edge solutions

Learn more about Red Hat’s NFV solution