On February 10, Red Hat will present its 2nd Open Source Cloud Computing Forum, a day-long virtual forum hosted by Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens. Similar to our first forum, held in July 2009, the virtual event will feature a dozen half-hour, high-impact technical presentations that cover recent developments in open source cloud computing. The presentations will provide attendees with a view of the large scope of development and deployment work that is underway today, including a look into usage scenarios. As before, we hope that the forum will act as a catalyst for open source communities to work together, grow and encourage participation in the development of open source cloud computing.

The agenda for our February 10 forum is as follows:

Schedule (ET)
9:30 Introduction Brian Stevens, CTO, Red Hat
10:00 Boxgrinder Bob McWhirter, JBoss Fellow, Red Hat
10:30 Cloud Storage Jeff Darcy, Principal SW Engineer, Red Hat
11:00 KVM Mike Day, Chief Virtualization Architect, IBM Open Systems Development
11:30 Infinispan Manik Surtani, Principal SW Engineer, Red Hat
12:00 Spice Arnon Gilboa , Senior SW Engineer, Red Hat
12:30 User case study Nitin Narkhede, GM of Technology Strategy and Innovation, Wipro
1:00 Usage scenarios Maria Azua, Vice President, Cloud Computing Enablement, IBM
1:30 Deltacloud David Lutterkort, Principal SW Engineer, Red Hat
2:00 Hail Jeff Garzik, Principal SW Engineer, Red Hat
2:30 newScale Bill Fine, VP Products, newScale
3:00 Condor Matthew Farrellee, Senior SW Engineer, Red Hat
3:30 CoolingTower Mike Neale, Senior SW Engineer, Red Hat
4:00 Closing comments Brian Stevens, CTO, Red Hat

To register for the forum, visit here.

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