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Red Hat Blog - Celebrating Red Hat's 25th anniversary: Red Hat partners have played an important role in our company journey

As Red Hat celebrates 25 years, I [Mark Enzweiler, senior vice president of Global Channel Sales and Alliances at Red Hat] would be remiss not to mention the role Red Hat partners have played in our company's story. Partners have been an important multiplier for Red Hat and building our customer success. They are important to our future. The one thing I am most proud of is the patience and loyalty our partners have shown us as we've innovated together. Together, we'll continue to help shape the open source industry.


eWeek - Red Hat Process Automation 7 Goes Cloud-Native

Business process management (BPM) technology helps organizations with operations management issues and processes. Among the vendors that develop and support BPM technology is Red Hat, which released its Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7 update on June 19. The new release extends the BPM platform to Red Hat's OpenShift Kubernetes container platform. It also adds new dynamic case management capabilities for different types of operational workflows.


Red Hat Blog - Kubernetes is the Platform. What's next? - Questions and Answers

Recently, I [Brian Gracely, director of OpenShift product strategy at Red Hat] hosted a webinar titled "Kubernetes is the Platform. What's next?". During the webinar, I highlighted the current Kubernetes architecture and capabilities, some of the new innovation happening within the broader open source community, and how much of this innovation is making its way into Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. There were great questions from the audience afterward but due to time constraints, I wasn't able to get to every one. I've tackled the remaining questions in the blog post and provided some additional links for details or learning.


Red Hat Stack - An OpenStack blog - Red Hat Certified Cloud Architect - An OpenStack Perspective - Part One

The Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) is the highest certification provided by Red Hat. To many, it can be looked at as a "holy grail" of sorts in open source software certifications. Ok, the subtitle might be misleading – there is no OpenStack specific RHCA certification. However you can select exams that will test your knowledge in technologies needed to successfully build and run OpenStack private clouds. We feel the following certifications demonstrate skills that are crucial for OpenStack.


Insurance group IAG consolidates data, delivers services faster

As Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG) rapidly expanded throughout Asia Pacific, its IT infrastructure became cluttered with diverse technology—making maintenance expensive and change difficult. With help from Red Hat Consulting, IAG used Red Hat enterprise open source software to consolidate its IT infrastructure into a single private cloud environment. As a result, IAG significantly improved its agility and time to market for innovative services while reducing IT expenses.


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