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Command Line Heroes: Season 2: Episode 6: The Data Explosion

Big data is going to help solve big problems: how we grow food; how we deliver supplies to those in need; how we cure disease. But first, we need to figure out how to handle it.


Tech Republic - Open source licensing: Is your vendor a troll?

Open source is about community, yet some want to use open source licensing as a club. Here's how to spot the trolls.


10 Benefits included in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription

Katrina Novakovic and Chris Jenkins share 10 (of the many) benefits included as part of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription, that all enterprise customers should be aware of in order to manage stability and innovation within their organisation, knowing they are supported by Red Hat.


TED Talk - What I learned from giving up everything I knew as a leader

As the former Chief Operating Officer of Delta, Jim Whitehurst thought he knew the rules for how to lead. "I thought I was the person ultimately responsible for solving the problems facing my organization. I was the one who was supposed to bring order and structure," he says. His world was turned upside down when he left Delta to become CEO of Red Hat. Whitehurst shares what he learned when he took this leap of faith and joined a company unlike any he'd ever seen.


Moving house and moving applications are not the same. Or are they?

Moving companies have their own processes to get you from your old house to your shiny new home. The same needs to be done for moving from legacy systems to your new platform by using a standard, proven, modular, repeatable and pragmatic methodology: discover, design, deploy.

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