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Red Hat Nordic events

On April 27–28, Red Hat Summit 2021 kicks off by sharing content convenient for attendees from all over the world. Our no-cost sessions will be aired live, then made available as part of our on-demand options immediately afterward. Join us online to get the latest news and announcements, ask the experts your technology questions, and learn how open source is innovating the future of the enterprise.


Virtual events and webinars

11 March 2021 at 9 - 10 CET

Techs on couches talking about how to prepare apps for future Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases

Join us for this virtual session where Red Hat’s Techs on couches will be talking about how to prepare apps for future Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases.

We hear that customers today are struggling with having to support several generations of Red Hat Enterprise Linux ® (RHEL), since applications are tied to specific OS versions.

Migrating applications across several major versions of RHEL can be a time consuming and complex task. How can we avoid this repeating also for applications deployed on current versions of RHEL?

Our techs will have a discussion about how modern applications development practices can be adopted to automate test and deploy of traditional applications to reduce or eliminate cumbersome migrations or upgrades in the future.

24 February 2021

Why developers should care about infrastructure

This webinar will cover:

- How successful customers and partners of Red Hat are moving away from traditional infrastructures towards the idea of an operating system for cloud.

- How open, modern, hybrid cloud infrastructure allows the most efficient use of the broadest choices of hybrid cloud.

- How to reduce complexity for developers.

- How developers can maximize time spent on productive work.

Check out all the global webinars we stream live worldwide or make available on-demand.

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Red Hat Forum 2020

Learn more about the latest in open source—and much more—from the Europe, Middle & Africa Red Hat Forum that took place November 3, 2020.

Watch the recordings from the virtual Nordic & Baltic breakout sessions to hear more from our local customers and Red Hat experts and to explore what’s next on your open source journey. 

Hybrid cloud: Maximizing technology value and ensuring digital autonomy

Complexity in cloud and noncloud landscapes can stifle organizational efforts to become prolific producers of software-based digital innovation. Organizations must be diligent in the way they define their cloud strategy to ensure their digital innovation ambitions are achievable. Decisions organizations make in relation to designing their cloud operating frameworks can determine the strategic levels of digital autonomy or dependence.

You can now watch the recordings of the best open hybrid cloud content we presented online.

Techs on couches talking about Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Why migrate?

Watch the webinar recording to find out how to migrate your Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 systems at scale. This webinar covers:

  • Considerations for moving from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 to 7 or 8.
  • Options for extended life-cycle support for those unable to migrate from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
  • The importance of an intelligent operating system in the enterprise.

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