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Virtual events and webinars

January 20, 2021

Walk the walls

The one where we co-created a platform.

Puzzled with all the buzz about the platforms?
Intrigued by organisations treating their platform as a product?
Keep wondering how to make the most of your platforms?
Bring your curiosity and questions to our next session.

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Stronger together

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Red Hat Nordic blog

Join us as we meet the sharpest brains of IT and the open source community. On Red Hat Nordic Blog blog posts are presented in local languages, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish.


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Past highlights

Future insight: Virtualization in Kubernetes

OpenShift Virtualization - Virtualization in a containerized world, now GA Look at some use cases and demos, how to run and manage VMs and containers together in OpenShift.

Managing all major releases of RHEL, across all footprints - at scale

Management at scale - Smart Management, Insights, Satellite and Ansible. Why, when and how? See examples, demos and use cases

DevSecOps and compliance across multiple Kubernetes cluster

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes (RHACM). We will show how RHACM can be used to address the management challenges for organizations’ when the use of kubernetes grows.

Past events

On-demand webinars and other assets

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Azure Red Hat OpenShift Virtual Experience Week

Red Hat and Microsoft have teamed up to launch a virtual experience Hub dedicated to Azure Red Hat Openshift (ARO), a fully managed, cloud-based service which can be tailored to best suit your individual needs. To celebrate the launch of the Azure Red Hat OpenShift hub, on 18th - 22nd October 2021 Red Hat and Microsoft will be hosting a week of interactive activities and webinars, as well as offering expert-led 1:1 sessions to fully immerse you in the platform. Want to learn how to free up more time to refocus on innovation? Start with ARO today.



Relive the highlights from Red Hat Summit Virtual Experience 2021 with sessions from both April and June.

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AnsibleFest on-demand, where developers, administrators, IT decision makers, and sponsors share insights on open source technologies. Our keynotes and breakout sessions will allow you to explore ways to automate, innovate, and accelerate.

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At Open5G 2021, you’ll have a rare opportunity to connect and collaborate with tech providers and innovative companies from around the world. Together, you’ll uncover unexpected opportunities, anticipate roadblocks and share your impartial insights on the reality of journeying to 5G, open hybrid cloud, open RAN, NFV, and containers.

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You need more than containers to deliver swift changes

Containers can be considered mainstream. Almost no company can deliver changes fast enough in today's vibrant economy with outdated infrastructure. Learn how Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus can help you.

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Open Leadership Enablement Program

This series of 9 interactive webinars, each just 25mins, explores how the Open approach to culture can increase user adoption and maximise the ROI of new technology. We will help you understand what it means to be an Open organization; the challenges you may face in getting there; and how to turn principles of transparency, inclusivity, collaboration, community and adaptability into everyday practices. You’ll hear first-hand from other business leaders about the Open journey they have been on, the pitfalls to avoid, and the impact they are seeing.

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